Bollywood hails Anna Hazare’s triumph

Mumbai, April 11 (Calcutta Tube) Bollywood has raised a resounding cheer for social activist Anna Hazare’s victory in the fight against corruption, saying his fast-unto-death to push for a stringent Lokpal Bill heralds the beginning of a new era.

Here’s how Bollywood stars reacted:

A.R. Rahman: ‘Ru-ba-ru roshni… It’s the beginning of an eternal rise for India.’

Anupam Kher: ‘People’s victory.’

Shabana Azmi: ‘The writing was clearly on the wall. Anna Hazare’s triumph was a foregone conclusion. He embodies the aspirations of a nation that has suffered enough. In a democracy, the citizens must set the agenda as active participants, not passive recipients. That’s what the agitation demanding the Jan Lok Pal Bill did. It proved that people matter.’

Nandita Das: ‘Such a singular victory reaffirms our faith in the power of non-violent forms of protest in a democracy. It shows the change that people can bring about. But this is only the beginning. An uphill task of eradicating corruption now awaits us.’

Bipasha Basu: ‘Anna Hazare’s victory shows the strength of people and our democracy. It is a very positive sign for India. Corruption is our biggest enemy. Now with the formation of the committee, the tools to fight it would be much stronger. We need a hazaar (thousand) Hazares in our country.’

Urmila Matondkar: ‘It is a victory of Gandhism and also a victory for the angry masses who suffered enough corruption and demanded a clean and transparent system of governance. This victory however is only a beginning. It is a very important step in the crusade to ensure a corruption-free India.’

Shilpa Shetty: ‘I salute his gumption and selfless devotion to cleansing our society. He makes me feel very small. I respect him unconditionally.’

Madhur Bhandarkar: ‘Finally victory to Anna and all the Indians who supported his fight for the Lokpal Bill. The media played a big hand in keeping Anna’s passion burning across the nation.’

Subhash Ghai: ‘It is always one man who brings about a revolution to destroy injustice and oppression. Policy makers need to think seriously before they get attacked mercilessly by the masses. Enough is enough!’

Mahesh Bhatt: ‘We are all part of the problem. We need to become a part of the solution as well. Face the truth. Most of us contribute to the corruption. We have miles to go before Anna’s victory paves the way for a corruption-free India.’

Hema Malini: ‘His victory is a great high. But is it that easy to take it forward?’

Irrfan Khan: ‘I think we should wait for the monsoon session of parliament.’

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra: ‘This is just the beginning. We have to maintain the momentum.’

Farah Khan: ‘I think as a people, we’re realizing our power to bring about change. I was at the rally at Jantar Mantar. I went there because as a mother, I really wish my children to grow up in a corruption-free environment. I was amazed by the number of youngsters who were there to support Anna Hazare’s movement. I think it’s time for all of us to wake up.’

Sajid Khan: ‘Forget Bollywood and cricket stars. Anna Hazare is truly the nation’s youth icon. A legend, if ever there was one.’

Gulzar: ‘Anna Hazare nahin, hazaaron hain! He has assured us that India is safe in young hands. It is a great new generation that has come forward to display a socio-political awareness.’

Sanjay Leela Bhansali: ‘I think somewhere this man’s simplicity touched everyone’s heart. Here was a man completely unaware of his power. He decided to take matters into his hand. And he didn’t care about who was watching or not watching him, he just did the right thing.’

Darsheel Safary: ‘No matter what, the truth will always win. I hope his battle-cry against corruption will be carried forward by youngsters like us who have the power to shape our tomorrow.’

Esha Deol: ‘He’s awe-inspiring! I’d have loved to send him some yummy South Indian food to break his fast. We need more such people in our country.’

Farhan Akhtar: ‘Great news! Just goes to show what one man with honest intentions can achieve. I thank Anna Hazare for showing us a path to follow.’

Vivek Oberoi: ‘An incredible and inspiring victory for truth and integrity. He is indeed the Mahatma Gandhi of our times. Here’s looking forward to a corruption-free India. Jai Hind!’

Ashutosh Gowarikar: ‘I am amazed with what Annabhau has done for his village of Ralegan Siddhi. He worked with the villagers to transform Ralegan Siddhi into an ideal village. I was impressed by his spirit from the time he began his anti-corruption crusade in 1991. I am glad the nation has now woken up to a man who has been a crusader all his life.’

Kabir Bedi: ‘Anna Hazare has won an epic victory for our country. The Lokpal Bill will be as revolutionary as the Right To Information Act. It’s the best beginning for a war against corruption.’

Dia Mirza: ‘Anna Hazare won because the nation had faith in him. His track record is admirable and India was forced to believe that this time there is hope. Even though he very graciously says it’s the people’s victory, I think the triumph is his. Without him leading the movement, India would not have taken to the streets.’

Naseeruddin Shah: ‘It’s too soon to celebrate. These are politicians we are dealing with.’

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