Bollywood celebrities on World AIDS Day urges spread os awareness

New Delhi, Dec 2 (Calcutta Tube) Use protection and spread awareness, suggested a few Bollywood celebrities on World AIDS Day Wednesday.

‘On World Aids Day I want to appeal to you all today not to fear HIV. Just be safe, use protection and do not stigmatise people living with HIV,’ actress Preity Zinta posted on her Twitter page.

‘Mother-to-child transmission of HIV really upsets me. We should be able to protect every child frm HIV! Less ignorance and more awareness is needed.’

Preity feels people suffering from HIV should be handled with care.

‘Amazed how judgemental and insensitive we have become. A little love and compassion is all they need. A friend living with HIV is still a friend! One lady living with HIV told me she was sick so she went to the doc (doctor). On meeting her, he said, ‘Why do you wanna life? Don’t waste my time!’ ‘

‘Don’t want 2 depress you guys, but would like 2 urge all of you to be less ignorant and more human. Let people living with HIV live with RESPECT! Nothing else matters except the language of LOVE! Everything else is superficial. This is what seperates Man from Beast! Sad V have 4gotten it,’ says Preity.

Bollywood has done its bit to create awareness about the disease through films like ‘Phir Milenge’ and ‘My Brother Nikhil’.

Jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali wrote: ‘It’s WORLD HIV Day today. Let’s not differentiate between the afflicted and non-afflicted and be kind to the ones who need us. Adopt one HIV-AIDS person’s medical needs and make a difference if you can.’

Diya Mirza: ‘It’s the day to pledge that those living with HIV are never ostracised again. The stigma kills more than even the disease does.’

Actor Sikander Kher, who will be seen in Ashuotosh Gowariker’s ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey’, wrote: ‘Keep it covered boys! Happy December 1st!’

Recollecting her days as a veejay, actress Sophie Chaudhary wrote: ‘World Aids Day today! Reminds me of the awesome MTV Aids summit we used 2 do! Be safe, spread awareness and don’t stigmatise those living with HIV!’

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