Bollywood and Beyond Film Festival: The Great Indian Jugaad wins best documentary award

(Calcutta Tube) ‘The Great Indian Jugaad’, a narrative on quick thinking and innovation by Indians, has won the best documentary award at Stuttgart’s Bollywood and Beyond Film Festival.

Director Anandana Kapur told IANS that ‘Jugaad’, an Indian metaphor for the will to survive against all odds, won the honour Saturday.

The Delhi-based Kapur, 26, who could not attend the festival because she allocated funds to her next documentary on matchmaking, came to know about the award when she was Googling Sunday.

‘And to think the screener almost never went because of a holdup of Beta tapes at the customs,’ Kapur told IANS. ‘My dad and I rescued it. By the end, even customs officials asked to see it.

‘My crew of fellow ‘jugadus’ is thrilled. I’m really grateful to my editors – Subhash, Saugat and company for encouraging me to apply to the festivals and experiment with ideas.’

The documentary depicts various innovations Indians have come up with to make their day-to-day life better.

One is an indigenous vehicle called ‘Jugaad’ – a quadricycle made of wooden planks and old jeep parts. One of the cheapest means of transport, it plies on the roads of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana besides the outskirts of Delhi.

‘The Great Indian Jugaad’ was premiered at the Imagine India Film Festival in Madrid.

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