Bollywood actress Twinkle Patel talks about Hindi movie Muskarake Dekh Zara and more

Bollywood’s newcomer Twinkle Patel talks about her debut Hindi movie Muskarake Dekh Zara and more. Read the interview at CalcuttaTube.

April 20, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Bollywood’s newcomer Twinkle Patel talks about her debut Hindi movie Muskarake Dekh Zara and more. Read the interview at CalcuttaTube.

Twinkle, who is quite excited about making her debut with debutante director Som Shekar’s film opposite new comer Gashmeer, who happens to be the son of the veteran actor Ravindra Mahajani, who has to his credit several films in not only Hindi but also Marathi, tells Jyothi Venkatesh that she could relate to her role in Muskarake Dekh Zara though in real life she does not look at life the way Preeti in the film does

Tell me something about your film Muskarake Dekh Zara?

The film is a story of simple emotions and disappointments of love and life. The film’s lighter moments beautifully intersperse with the hero’s portrayal of a character of depth. I should say that it’s not just love and disappointment but the fresh way they are handled that makes the film unique. If you ask me, the USP of the film is the wonderful play between the nuances of the foreign returned Preeti and the not so urban Vivek, played by Gashmeer.”

What is your role in Muskarake Dekh Zara?

I play the role of Preeti, a very simple girl, who is very grounded even though she has studied abroad. Though the 24 year old Pretti, who is the daughter of an industrialist, is demure and pleasant and has a mind of her own, she stays with her parents and is an independent girl. Preeti, I should say, is a rare combination of intelligence and innocence and with her wonderful smile, is very appealing.Om Katare and Madhuri Sanjeev play my parents in the film. I was born to a Gujarati mother and a Malayalee father. I live with my mother since my parents opted for a divorce. You can say that I have the best of both the worlds. I should confess that I bagged the break quite easily even though I am a rank new comer and did not have to struggle at all.

How easy was it for you to bag your debut role in Muskarake Dekh Zara?

I consider myself lucky that I met producer-director Som Shekar through a family friend. Right from the time I was a tiny tot, I was very interested in taking up acting as a career. Even before I could even think, I bagged my role in the film. I went in for an audition and was selected for the part of Preeti and I should say that it was quite easy for me though it was my debut film to play the role of Preeti, for the simple reason that to a large extent, I could relate to my role in the film though in real life, I do not at all look at life the way Preeti does.

How did you prepare for your part?

To tell you the truth, I did not really prepare for my role. All that I did was just to try to understand my character over all and give it my own inputs. I had to portray my director’s point of view. I actually learnt acting on the sets. It helped me that I attended a workshop by Lovel Prabhu before the film went on the floors.

As an actor, would you take up each and every kind of role instead of playing safe by essaying only the romantic lead roles?

I am first and foremost an actress. If I am destined to be a star, I will become one some day or the other. As of now I am so committed to my craft that I am game even to play negative roles. In fact, though I should confess that as far as my mind set and psyche go, as of now I am not game to appear in a bikini, I am very keen on getting my teeth into various kinds of characters and deliver my performance with effortless ease.

How was the experience of working with director Som Shekar?

Som Shekar was very supportive and did not at all put pressures on me as an actress. Though I was quite scared of the syndrome of the ubiquitous casting couch in Bollywood, to my great relief, my director Som Shekar put me at ease and made me quite comfortable when I was working on the sets and believe me, I am yet to face any bad experience in the industry

– Jyothi Venkatesh / Sampurn Wire

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