Bollywood Actress Rita Bhaduri on movie Muskaan

Rita_Bhaduri-Muskaan Movie Premiere
Rita_Bhaduri-Muskaan Movie Premiere

August 3, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): Bollywood personality and TV actress Rita Bhaduri talks to Shrabanti Basu about her latest movie Muskaan directed by Anil Annaiah. Rita plays the name role in this film.

Produced by International Development Enterprise (India) (IDEI), a non-profit organization this film is targeted to educate the marginal farmers in certain districts of West Bengal about treadle pump, an economic and effective way irrigation. The film also has Bobby Chakrabarty, Bhaswar Chatterjee, newcomer Sayani Saha in the starcast. Read the exclusive interview with the veteran actress Rita Bhaduri at CalcuttaTube.

CalcuttaTube: Why did you choose the film Muskaan?

Rita Bhaduri: I won’t say that the film was different. Working in a different environment was what I rather went for. Nowadays I mostly do television soaps which can get very monotonous at times. A film experience is always a welcome and very refreshing. Since I am a student of cinema and have studied at the FTII, cinema always attracts me.

The film Muskaan conveys a message to people who have agricultural backgrounds. A film like this can be made interesting too. If the story behind provides some kind of connectivity to the audience, it does make a lot of difference.

CalcuttaTube: How was it working with the cast in Muskaan?

Rita Bhaduri: All the young actors I have worked with in Muskaan, have done a great job. Even though they are junior to me, they have amazing knowledge and experience. They know their job really well. They have all done extremely good and I feel honored and privileged to have them.

CalcuttaTube: In general, how is it working with young actors and newcomers? How do you pass on your experience and knowledge that you have gained being from the film industry for so long to the next generation?

Rita Bhaduri: I do not really believe much in teaching because most of the time the young generation is not willing to learn. As for myself, I am still willing to learn, even from youngsters. I myself am always open to learning, even from my juniors.

However, the cast I worked with in Muskaan knew their job well. And even if I told them something when we were shooting the film, they would accept it. It is not the case always.  Most of the time youngsters, once they face television or appear in a movie, start thinking that they know all.

An actor should always be open to acceptance. There is never an end to learning, where this profession is concerned. It depends on the acceptability of the actors. If you can accept, you can grow. Otherwise an actor will never grow.

CalcuttaTube: Why don’t we see you much in feature films?

Rita Bhaduri: It is mostly because I do not have much time left after doing TV serials. It takes a lot of time to work in daily soaps, about 20-25 days in a month. Working in a Bollywood film requires bulk dates and my dates often clash.

Also, I have not got any such phenomenal film recently for which I can leave a daily soaps. But if I get a good offer, I will definitely work in a movie.

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