Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif arrives fashionably late for award

New Delhi, Feb 3 (Calcutta Tube) Popular Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif Wednesday arrived fashionably late at an event here to collect an award for excellence in performing arts, but looking gorgeous in a green sari she more than made up with profuse apologies.

The British model-turned-actress was invited to collect her pending award for excellence in performing arts 2009 by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham). She could not take it last year as she was unwell that time.


While a source present at the function told IANS the ‘flight delay’ was the reason for her delay, Swati Piramal, Assoham president, had a different story to fill in the media with, before Katrina’s arrival.


‘Katrina was supposed to accept the award from Mrs. Vadra (Priyanka Gandhi Vadra). Mrs. Vadra was to come from Rae Bareilly but she has not been able to join because some political thing that has happened (there),’ Piramal addressed reporters here.


‘Now we are waiting (to know) if Katrina will accept the award from anyone other than Mrs. Vadra, as she is also very disappointed that Mrs. Vadra could not come,’ she added.


Though a chunk of the media had already boycotted the event and left after two-and-half hours of wait, Katrina graced the ceremony three hours late.


Sporting a green sari and no jewellery, she tried to make up by apologising for the delay.


‘I’d like to re-emphasise my most sincere apologies for the delay. There has been a little confusion here… Once again apologies for the delay,’ said the 25-year-old, who was called Asia’s most beautiful woman Tuesday by Femina magazine.


Apart from the award, she was also presented with a Patola scarf and a Mr. Gro perfume.

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