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Spet 6, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Bodyguard is a 2011 Bollywood film starring Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor in lead roles. Read the Hindi movie review at Calcutta Tube.

Salman’s celluloid demotion generates revenue

Salman Khan appeared on this Eid as ‘Bodyguard Lovely Singh’ in the Atul Agnihotri produced and Siddique directed film “Bodyguard’.  As a follow up to his ongoing screen demotion, he took up the mantle of a private bodyguard in his latest release, down from an IPS officer in ‘Wanted’ and ‘Sub-inspector’ in ‘Dabbang’. The success of his films however, seems to be inversely proportional to his demotion and perhaps this film will also earn a lot of revenue sans the critical accolades. It is a top grosser already.

The plot:

[ReviewAZON asin=”B005F0H3WS” display=”inlinepost”]The movie opens with Lovely Singh being assigned to protect Divya (Kareena Kapoor), the daughter of Sartaj Singh (Raj Babbar), protecting whom Lovely’s father had died. Divya is in fatal danger from Sartaj’s foe (Aditya Panchali and his clan).

Salman now has the duty to follow Divya and her friend Maya (Hazel Keech) everywhere they go (even to ladies’ toilet) and this ensured some funny moments on the college campus.

Lovely also has the job to teach them self-defence and give them fitness training. All these fall hard on Divya and her friend.

So Divya attempts to distract Lovely by making fake calls as Chaya and tries to portray Chaya as a girl who has fallen deeply in love with Lovely.

Divya has fun playing dual roles and Lovely slowly falls in love with Chaya (or rather her voice) while protecting Divya from all sorts of danger.

Lovely fights off the goons who attack Divya at a party killing one of the brothers of the clan lord played by Aditya Pancholi.

Divya gets highly impressed as she watches Lovely to be deeply in love with Chaya and yet keeps his duty as first priority which he does by protecting Divya from bullets, knives and even aimed pen-caps.

And no points for guessing, that in the aftermath of all that, Divya really starts falling in love with Lovely and the after-drama begins.

To Lovely, Divya is his ‘madamji’ and the daughter of his god-worshipped ‘malik’. Divya neither finds it possible to remove Chaya from Lovely’s heart nor has she the courage to tell him the truth.

She is also afraid that her family would never accept her marriage to Lovely. Amidst all this confusion of dual roles, bodies flying and muscles flexing, word reaches her parents’ ear that she is in love with Lovely and is planning to elope with him.

Quite predictably, crisis strikes from all angles in this potboiler and Divya is attacked by the gang from which Lovely was protecting her.

Lovely mashes the goons like potato and once again single-handedly plays the superman without the cape.

Then just when the audience felt a glimmer of hope at a slight reprieve from all the sweaty action following an age old storyline, climax after climax ensues.

Divya saves Salman from her father’s outburst by telling him that she is not his love and his love is waiting at the station.

To establish it she sends her friend Maya to pose as Chaya whom Salman had never seen. Maya was supposed to reveal the truth to Lovely as soon as the situation is under control. (Maya rhyming with Chaya and a hunk named Lovely, I think someone ran out of actual believable names or perhaps the characters are based on a true story from the 60’s. Any guesses anyone?)

Maya however, suddenly joins the mix and having secretly nurtured feelings for Lovely, she betrays Divya and settles with him.

But if you thought that’s the end then boy you are wrong.

After a few years, Lovely’s son learns of this story through a diary which his mother had left for him (Maybe the kid thought of making the movie; that could explain a lot.). Then when Lovely pays a visit to ailing Sartaj’s house his son asks Divya, who unbelievably has been waiting dutifully for her prince charming, to be his mother.

Shocked? Don’t be, Just consult the recent Bollywood dictionary and look up the word plot; I am sure you will find the answer, that is if there is such a word in the recent version!

Predictably Sartaj gives his approval and the destined lovers finally met. Lovely soon finds out that Divya was the real (actually unreal) Chaya and an obvious mushy-mushy happy ending follows so that you can come out of the theatre and go to the gym to work on your own hopes of loosing that MBA job and getting those mean muscles that Sallu, the bodyguard, has.

And if you are thinking about future and money, then don’t worry, this bodyguard life gets you all that you need with the ‘Lovely’ girl as surplus.

Direction and acting:

Salman acted well enough in this film despite the opportunities (or rather the lack if it) and it will be wrong to say that his muscles did all the talking for him.

But as ever the latter was the showstopper as Lovely flaunts them whenever there is a chance to do so.

Salman has tried hard to imbibe the body language of a hardcore bodyguard and to a good extent had achieved it. He also portrays the soft side of his character with a touch of experience.

Kareena Kapoor has done fairly a good job as Divya. She seems to be slightly more mature as she did not allow her ownself intruding into her character. Still her character is quite ‘Kareenatic’, but one can blame that on the stereotype script.

The supporting cast did their job professionally.  Rajat Rawaii was the comic relief as Tsunami Singh and this overweight character seemed to be a bit overused in the film. Hazel Keech as Maya earned good attention of the audience as the second lead actress.

Thinking of making a film? Well it’s easy and for recent pointers you can take a look at director Siddique. Take a south Indian potboiler, translate it and just copy-paste the end product on the screen with an overkill of large muscles and overdrawn action sequences.

Siddique maintained a continuous steadiness throughout the film and exploited Salman and his muscles as much as possible. The stunt of Lovely Singh will give blushes to even ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Batman’. Thus the longevity of ‘Rajnistyle’ was again proved through ‘Bodyguard’.

The director brings a blend of softness and hard punches to Salman’s character, which is the current overused formula.

The particular scene just before interval where Lovely at first seemed to hug Kareena but seconds later it was revealed that he actually posed himself to repel a fatal knife attack on her deserves much appreciation if this would have been an Abbas-Mastan thriller but then again this is Telegu-Bollywood we are talking about, so anything goes.


Bodyguard has all the elements to be a super hit from action, comedy romance, an item number from Katrina and the expected twist at the end, despite the shallow storyline.

Bodyguard is a film which will entertain you if action and muscular posing is you trivia of the day or else move back and let your unfortunate friends tell you what they think of this Sallu flick.

– J P Mondal

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