Bluish Mansi


Q: What is fashion according to you?
A. For me it’s whatever I am comfortable with and people looking at me should also be comfortable looking at me.
Q: Where do you mostly shop from?
A. I usually shop from And (Anita Doongre’s). I find her clothes very comfortable, not very showy and they are quiet settled and good. There is no specification as once in a year I definitely go to Bangkok for shopping. 

Q: Any brands you prefer?
A. I love my Gimme shoes and as far as cosmetic is concerned it is Chanel.

Q. What do you generally dress up while relaxing at your home?
A. When I am at home it’s gonna be my track pant and a very loose comfortable t-shirt, something very comfortable according to the climate.

Q. Your gym wear is like…
A. My Nike shoes along with my gym dress off course. 

Q. Do you go for the formal look at times?
A. My formal look will be a nice full sleeve chudidar, preferably white.

Q. What’s your casual look like?
A. Umm, Denim or may be a blue shirt.

Q. What about night wear?
A. Well, that also depends on my mood (laughs). That depends more on my husband’s mood as well.
Q: Do you adorn yourself with accessories?
A. Yeah, definitely I wear a lot of those (laughs).
Q. Must haves in your makeup kit …
A. Umm, a basic Crescendo gloss, mascara, my hair brush and of course my glaze.
Q: Which colors do you think are a must in a wardrobe?
A. White and blue.

Q. Do you often visit fashion shows?
A. No I don’t.

Q. Which is the costliest outfit you have bought till date?
A. I have not bought any costliest outfit but I have treasured accessories. The very first one when I started working was my Guess bag which was about Rs. 9000 and recently I have indulged myself with Robert Cavalla sunglasses.

Q. Which is your favorite party wear?
A. It actually depends on what mood I am in at that particular moment and it also depends on the theme of the party.

Q. Any particular colors you opt for while buying your clothes?
A. Yes, blue is my priority and the other colors just follow.
Sabir Rahman (SAMPURN)

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