Blackmail-Bengali Telefilm by Maloy Sarkar

June 2, (CalcuttaTube): Blackmail is a Bengali telefilm directed by Maloy Sarkar. Read the film synopsis at CalcuttaTube.

Blackmail: Synopsis

Renowned Director Rohit Sen is having a roaring time. With his films being “hits” one after another his latest achievement is National Award. Although while receiving the award he had given all the credit to “teamwork” yet in no time he admonishes one of his assistants. The crime of the boy is, – he tried to get a promising junior artist introduced to this legendary director just before going to a party.

A celebration party is being held that night at Rohit’s farmhouse. Surrounded by friends and “yes men” basking in glory of success while wine flows and women admire him, Rohit is intoxicated by adulation and alcohol. But suddenly someone in the crowd comes up with an adverse comment that someone else actually deserved the award and by virtue of Rohit’s clout the system was manipulated and the other director’s film was not even nominated. Hothead Rohit flies into a rage and attacks that man – verbal abuses – collar pulling – pushing shoving ensues. Suddenly a hushed silence befalls the lawn. Flabbergasted guests leave. The party comes to an abrupt halt. But in all these events a man had stepped into the middle who tried to pacify Rohit and brought the situation under control. He brings Rohit into a corner hands him a drink which Rohit devours in no time and even before asking he finds another drink on the table. Grateful Rohit is about to thank this kind friend but finds a young sexy girl sitting demurely watching him from a distance. Upon his smile of encouragement she comes to sit closer to him and he starts flirting with her. Before understanding Rohit finds his empty glass refilled again. Blame it upon intoxication or his state of mind; with each gulp of drink this girl seems more and more attractive to Rohit. But suddenly in course of their conversation the topic of fighting earlier this evening comes up. The girl too suggests that Rohit has used his clout to bag the award. Instantly Rohit flies into a rage and suddenly  – staggering picks up the bottle of drink form the table and hurls it to hit the girl. In trying to do so loses balance, falls – his head hits the table and he drops down – unconscious.

Rohit opens in eyes and shuts them close due to the dazzling sunlight. Finds himself lying in the lawn, seeing the sun overhead realises it is late in the morning. Tries to get up in haste but fails overwhelmed by a crushing headache. Then remembers last night’s episode – that girl, — his getting angry and going to hit her etc. With faltering steps Rohit staggers towards the house and is astonished to see the man who had intervened last night and was so kind to him. The man introduces himself as Neeladri and tells him that Rohit in his fit of rage had hit the girl on her head last night and she died. Neeladri shows the place where the girl had fallen and shows him picture of the dead girl in cell phone. Rohit is shocked, nods in disbelief. Slowly the idea sinks into Rohit – he has committed a crime. He has committed a murder !

Rohit tries to find out from Neel where has he hidden the dead body of that girl. Neel deftly shirks the topic saying he had called up the studio first thing in the morning and informed his cameraman friend Rakesh that he had sustained a head injury last night so his doctor has advised him to take rest and not to go anywhere. Rakesh and his assistants are handling the shooting that day, so nothing to worry on that front. Neel also adds that there is no information as to who was the girl and on whose invitation she had come, therefore it would be prudent to simply wait and watch for the time being whether anyone comes looking for her or not. Or else they could evoke suspicion. Rohit realises he is in no frame of mind to face anyone and although he is surprised to see Neel driving him perfectly towards his own house, yet doesn’t feel like asking how Neel knows where he lives. Too many disturbing thoughts running a riot in Rohit’s mind refrains him from asking Neel anything at all, – the most intriguing & important of which would be “Who is this person Neel?”

To Rakesh and other close associates, Neel introduces himself as Rohit’s old friend who’d come from US to visit him, but now needs to take care of him. Neel shows them the doctor’s advice etc and skilfully feeds them the misinformation that a psychiatrist has cautioned Rohit is on the brink of a major depression and so needs rest and support (too much of work, very hectic life). They all are relieved to note Rohit is being cared for well and is in safe hands.

Rohit had been “in control” all his life. This is the first time he is unable to do anything as he doesn’t even know where the proof of his crime is. On one hand he is thankful that Neel has managed to avert attention of Police about the girl missing, but on the other hand he feels helpless and watches Neel “performing”. Neel starts going to the studio and even directs the projects that Rohit had been working upon. The strangest part is Neel is so good at his work that, – instead of protesting most of Rohit’s friends heave a sigh of relief. To them Neel is Rohit minus the ego related complications.

Rohit realises Neel slowly is taking over his life and living the life of Rohit Sen.

Now Rohit really begins suffering from depression. Refuses to meet old friends, stays back home and despite everyone’s pleading refuses to walk into the sets or editing studio. The night Neel returns jubilant about the completion of his first film (the one Rohit had started), Rohit’s patience finally fades.

Rohit confronts Neel. But in no time he realises Neel has “framed” everything too well. Only Neel knows where he has hidden the girl’s dead body. So any acts of Rohit which threatens Neel’s present success would serve to jeopardise Rohit’s life. Police would come and Rohit faces humiliation prison etc.

From Neel, Rohit comes to know Neel had come to the industry to be a director. In those days successful and famous Rohit didn’t care for a newcomer like Neel. In fact after hearing one of Neel’s narration Rohit had plagiarised that story and the film became a hit and Rohit not only didn’t acknowledge but simply savoured the success as his own. From then onwards Neel used to hang around close to Rohit, be it in sets or wherever Rohit went. As Rohit had a lot of ‘yes men’ around him in his days of success, slowly Rohit ceased to notice that Neel was somewhere near him all the time. That is why on that fateful evening even though Rohit couldn’t recognise Neel instantly yet he felt this is a “known” face.

Rohit realises he’s completely caught in the web of Neel, who had skilfully played the biggest “crime story” in real life to take revenge and prove that he was better than Rohit.

Realising he has nowhere to take refuge; Rohit surrenders himself in the hands of destiny. He realises the mistakes he’d made in his arrogance. At the same time realises he wasn’t like that and with time in this cut-throat competition he had to adapt to survive. But didn’t realise how much he had changed. In his quest for success he has lost a lot. He remembers he had lost Anuradha too. She loved him. Perhaps he loved her too. But in those days when Rohit’s life was running on the fast track he didn’t have time to think of a serious relationship. He knew Anuradha had left India and went to USA where she is a teacher now. Rohit manages to find out the number of Anuradha and one fine day gathers courage to call her up. Surprisingly she behaves very well with him. Rohit thinks she must have moved on with life and found happiness therefore she should not know about his predicament. But Anuradha somehow feels there is something amiss and catches Rohit is unhappy. Rohit tells her everything. Anuradha encourages him and asks him to reach USA. Rohit gets a new ray of hope – something to live for – in the form of Anuradha.

After expressing his desire for going to US Rohit realises he is actually a prisoner of Neel. Right from Rohit’s Bank accounts to demat account everything is being controlled and manipulated by Neel. Naturally Neel doesn’t agree. Rohit breaks down.

Anuradha encourages Rohit over phone to fight back “If he has come to know so much about you then you start following him and get to know his weaknesses, he is sure to have some”. Anuradha wants to come to India but Rohit stops her as he doesn’t want to have any weakness which may be exploited by Neel.

Neel doesn’t realise when Rohit starts following him. Initially Rohit feels successful as he understands Neel is unsuspecting. But soon Rohit realises he has started his efforts too late. Neel has already consolidated his position – he wines and dines with the in-charge of local Police Station and Rohit’s Producers ! Noticing glib Neel “in action” Rohit starts feeling dejected realising Neel is always a few steps ahead and no matter how much Rohit tries now, he has lost everything. But just he is about to give up pursuit, Rohit stumbles upon the biggest “break” in his life. That girl whom he had hitherto known to have killed,– IS ALIVE!

Rohit was following Neel’s action and found out that Neel had been flying to Bombay frequently. Upon a hunch following Neel, Rohit finds Neel goes to meet that girl. She is a dancer at a dance bar. Neel tells that girl whose name is Roma that, he is almost on the brink of his “last act”. Within a few days he would have all funds siphoned out and is waiting for the final payment of another advance for a film, and by next week he should be able to start a new life outside India. He dreams of starting afresh there. Neel knows what he has done to Rohit is a crime and if caught he would be behind bars for a long time.

Rohit is ecstatic ! He has finally found a new lease of life. He realises he hadn’t actually killed anyone (that is why he remembered having raised the bottle to hit but never remembered having actually hit her – because he himself had fallen and his head had struck the table and he was knocked out). All his life Rohit Sen was known for his great “cinematic climax” scenes. He first follows the girl and finds out where she lives. Then calling upon  old friends finds out a dealer from whom he buys a revolver with little money left with him.

Rohit reaches Roma’s apartment after calling up the Police, so that they can catch both Roma and Neel.

Upon opening her door – seeing a gun pointed at her, a shocked Roma is forced to allow Rohit in. Following Rohit’s orders she calls up Neel and asks him to come ASAP. As Neel reaches, he realises he has been caught. But as soon as Rohit starts talking to Neel awaiting the arrival of Police; – a scared Roma tries to flee (she was in for money only and is scared of complications). As she runs towards the door Rohit realises he “needs” her to remain there (for proof to Police). As Rohit pointing his gun to stop Roma shouts for her to stop, Neel tries to hold him back and in the scuffle the gun goes off (the catch was open as Rohit had fired to scare Neel and get a confession),– a bullet gets fired. Roma gets hit at the back of her chest by that bullet and drops down dead.

Shocked Rohit realises he has really killed Roma this time and Neel IS the only witness. He hears sirens of Police vehicles approaching.

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