Blackberry confident India’s concerns will be resolved

New Delhi Nov 19 (IANS) Canada-based Blackberry maker, Research in Motion (RIM) Friday said that it is confident that the security concerns of the Indian government will be resolved to their mutual satisfaction.

‘Our ongoing discussions with the government of India continue to be very positive and progressive, and we are confident that any outstanding concerns can be resolved to our mutual satisfaction,’ said RIM in a statement released here.

‘We share a common interest in continuing to satisfy the legitimate security needs of corporate and government customers while also acknowledging the equally legitimate need for law enforcement agencies to investigate illegal activities within the globally accepted norms of lawful access practices,’ it added.

Earlier India had expressed its concerns saying that Blackberry services could be used by anti-social elements to stir social instability. The Indian government had also threatened RIM with a ban if the company denied the government access to its messenger and corporate email communications.

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