Bish (2009)

Bish is a Bengali movie with some touching moments and bed scenes (well fact is a fact).You will discover Mallika Majumdar, Tina and Rituparna haunting men at late night in the special new generation movie.

Bish (2009)
Bish is a Bengali movie with some touching moments and bed scenes (well fact is a fact).You will discover Mallika Majumdar, Tina and Rituparna haunting men at late night in the special new generation movie.

Bish (2009) - Bengali Film
Bish (2009) - Bengali Film


After five long years of detachment, three college friends meet at a cafe in Calcutta. The ladies are in their late twenties. They fumble, as they should, meeting with each other after such a long time. However, they soon found that they all share some similarities in common. They wants to be rich and need money and they all have problems in their life. They also share another greatness – harted for men. They started siscussing old days and soon end up shouting and at the spur of the moment they decided to play a game. A game of sex and seduction. There will be one simple rule. Make the maximum money by sleeping with as many men as possible for that night. They all have to meet next morning. Whoever earned the highest money, would be winner.
Bish (2009) - Adult Bengali Film
Bish (2009) - Adult Bengali Film

Cast: Mallika Majumdar (as Shoumi), Tina (as Anushka),  Rituparna Sen (as Bee), Rii, Ritika, Joyraj
Director: Kaushik
Producer: Nitesh
Music Direction: Indradeep
Screenplay: Srabasti
Cinematographer: Sunil
Playback Singer: Radhika and Shilajit

Bish (2009) - sex and seduction
Bish (2009) - sex and seduction

Playing at:
Priya, Prachi, Indira, Star Theatre.
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Bish Bengali movie Review
Reviewed by: Anirban De
The best thing in this movie is not the story or the acting or the music but the photography that not only rediscovers the beauty of the night Calcutta but the different types of shots and the angles from which they were taken worth special mention and Sunilbabu must be credited for his master cinematography. The cast consisting of Mallika Majumder, Rituparna Sen, Rii, Tina, Joyraj could not make much of an impression but Kamalika Bannerjee, in her small but significant side role conveyed her character faultlessly. The background scores were finely composed but somehow seemed to be off the track on several occassions.

The story starts with three friends in their late twenties, Soumee, Anushka and Bee meeting at a Calcutta cafe after five long years of detachment. Though their life had taken different turns after college but these three soon discover that they have two things in common – each needed quick money and each had been ditched by men in some way or the other. So in this get-together each harbors her hatred for men and in the midst of the conversations, suddenly Bee suggests why not they try to exploit men in the way the later generally exploits the fair sex. She suggests to commence on a manhunt, starting from that very evening and make money, sleeping with them. Though initially the others were hesitant to the idea but Bee ultimately manages to persuade each to agree. So they plan to meet at the cafe next morning at 0800 hr and agrees that the person who gathers the maximum money takes it all. Now the story switches between the three’s attempts at this dangerous undertaking.
Soumee, the academic minded and the most hesitant one, takes a taxi and wanders through different streets of the city in search of her probable victims, but her confused mind fails her in the task. Simultaneously, she begins to feel affection for the young taxi-driver, who patiently listens to her story but ultimately refuses to associate himself with her. Thus Soumee’s adventure ends with her leaving the taxi in a dissatisfied and melancholy state of mind.

Anushka very methodically starts her mission. She chalks out her probable rate, shops for an appropriate dress, wears that to a bar, orders whiskey on the rocks and gets ready to seduce her very first customer. But here she seems to have made a mistake by trespassing on the zone of a professional in the trade. This whore, a girl whose name we never know of, gets furious thinking Anushka to be a probable business rival and literally kicks her out of the bar beating her to unconsciousness. But seeing the drunk and battered Anushka senseless, the same girl takes pity on her and carries her to her house but not before pinching her gold chain. Once at her place, she nurses Anushka’s wounds and when the later regains consciuosness, listens to her story and rebukes her at her folly. Anushka now realizes the misstep that she was going to make and secretly thanks her saviour, the whore and this story ends with a hint of Anushka’s sexual inclination shifting from males to females.

Meanwhile Bee, true to her name, after leaving the cafe had made a beeline to one of the professional touts in the trade, a Ms. Chatterjee and requests her to find at least five customers for her at a rate of Rs.20000. Thus she gets exposed to a bunch of lewd characters spanning a broad age group and she is also subjected to varied type of perversions in the process. That she was disturbed in mind is evident from her curious behaviour that shows her to post numerous inlands throughout the night containing her childishly artistic creations. In each of these, she entered only the word Ma (mother) in the place of address and this behaviour remains unexplained though in all other respects she portrays a desperate but focussed mind. But she too fell pray to the lust for more money and entertaining her sixth and the most pervert customer finishes her adventures with a tragic turn of fate.

Though the story consisted of several interesting factors but it lacked in compactness and the collage of scenes, that frequented the whole show could not quite impress me. Also the very ground on which each seemed to justify their vengeance on males seemed quite flimsy and a lighter mode could have well been opted for like turning into a professional flirt and not harlot for one night. Soumee found out her boyfriend had HIV positive and thought herself ditched, Anushka discovered her husband to be gay and filed a divorce and allowed herself to be persuaded to seek revenge on the whole menfolk and the cause for which Bee was dissatisfied with men is never really clear! I personally don’t think that allowing oneself to be traded can be seen as a means of exacting revenge.

So I will give this 1hr 20 min film, directed by Q, produced by  Nitesh with Indradeep’s music direction and Radhika and Shilajit’s playback singing, a moderate grade only. For those who want to watch it please visit Priya, Star Theatre, Prachi, Mitra, Indira, Pushpasree, Chetna, Krishti, Vidyasagar, Geetanjali and Inox, Burdwan. Just as a footnote I would like to mention that a movie of similar length based on any one of the girl’s life (I think Anushka would be the best choice) would have been a better choice and could well have uplifted the quality.

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  1. Woman 1 (Tina) fighting an emotional battle against her gay husband engages in a passionate smooch with a whore. Woman 2 (Rituparna) wallows in wild sex with multiple partners in a single night, participating in kinky acts with an elderly man tied to a chair. Woman 3 (Mallika), a typical gharoa Bangali meye, discusses her sad love life with a cabbie.
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