Bipasha Basu talks about Hindi movie ‘Raaz 3’, shares fitness tips (Interview)

Bipasha Basu-Bollyood ActressSept 14, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu is pretty busy these days. She has bagged the role in upcoming Hindi movie Raaz 3. She is also working on her next fitness DVD and has been appointed brand ambassador of Pantene shampoo. The actor talks about her latest ventures in an intimate conversation. Read the interview with Calcutta Tube.

While most stars are flaunting their bodyguards post the release of Salman Khan’s Boddyguard, why don’t we ever see you with being escorted by a bodyguard?

Why don’t you find me a cute sa bodyguard? As it is I am very tough, I don’t need bodyguards.

Raaz (2002) was one of the biggest hits of your career. But you denied Raaz 2 (2011) as Emraan Hashmi, who was to be cast opposite you, is shorter than you. True?

No…no. See, I have worked with a number of actors who are tremendously talented but not very tall. So, I don’t think height can be an issue.

Then, was you denial due to your cold war with the Bhatts? And now that you have patched up with them, you are doing Raaz 3.

Well, I don’t know what is this discussion about ‘patch up’ because I love the Bhatts. Bhattsaab (Mahesh), Mukeshji (Bhatt) are very, very dear to me. I always say Vishesh Films (Bhatt’s production house) is almost like my own film production company. It was just that we were waiting for the right kind of a role and they did not want to disappoint me with something feeble, they wanted to get a very strong role for me. And we got that in Raaz 3 and I am really excited that Vikram (Bhatt), me, Bhattsaab and Mukeshji …we all are going to be working together again.

Bipasha Basu-Bollywood ActressYou have picked  Pantene shampoos for endorsement. Do you use it?

Pantene is a great credible brand. We have all always known of it. I am to endorse the smooth-and-silky variant. I myself was dealing with the problem of dryness in hair and split ends. The kind of job that I do requires extreme styling and that takes a toll on my hair. So, yes, now I have a shampoo today that makes my hair softer. It’s not an empty calling that I am making out here. I myself have used the product and it has really made my hair quite soft and I am growing my hair back again. When I started off as a model, I had really long hair. But I had cut it off because of the styling and all the time. So, now I am growing my hair long again.

Pantene is also being endorsed by Shilpa Shetty and Katrina Kaif. So is there an extra pressure on you now to look more beautiful than them in the ads?

 I have never been so competitive ever. But I really have to say such beautiful ladies and all endorsing the same product is fantastic. Each one of us has a separate variant that we endorse.

According to you, who has the most beautiful hair in Bollywood?

 Dimple Kapadia…she is known for her gorgeous hair.

What is the most important factor that plays behind good hair?

 Diet is a very, very important part of your being. It’s not just for good hair but also good body and good mind…it’s all inter-related. It’s very important to have lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and if you are a fish-eater, then it’s great. But if you are a vegetarian, then you have to stick to almonds and walnuts…basically it’s about eating good things.

Why don’t you share some fitness tips as well?

Fitness tip is coming to you soon. I am doing my second DVD. The first one-Fit & Fabulous You (2010)- was a big hit. The second DVD I am doing will target not just women, but it will a unisex one. This is something I am really passionate about, ie, health and fitness. So, the next DVD is going to answer a lot of questions about health and fitness; it’s also going to make a lot of lazy people active because it will be about easier versions of exercising.

– Sreya Basu / Trans World Features

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