Bipasha Basu, R Madhavan on Hindi Movie ‘Jodi Breakers’ (Interview)

Bipadha Basu, R Madhavan in Hindi Movie 'Jodi Breakers'Feb 20, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Bollywood actors Bipasha Basu and R Madhavan have joined hands to break up pairs in Ashwini Chaudhary’s latest Hindi flick Jodi Breakers. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the actors as they don’t stop praising each other. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

Now Bipasha and Madhavan are upto breaking jodis?

Madhavan: It’s not that we break jodis just for the sake for running our business. We break those jodis who we believe are very unhappy in life and want another chance.

Bipasha:  Sonali, my character in Jodi Breakers, is exactly like me who believes that two people are supposed to be together if there is love. If there is no love, life gives you another chance…go and get your love.

Do you think there should be jodi breakers in real life as well?

Bipasha: I think after this film jodi breaker will actually become a profession.

Madhavan: Ya…why not. If there can be agents for marriage, so I think there should be agents for divorce as well.

Bipasha, what do you like the best about Madhavan?

Bipasha: Jo Maddy (Madhavan) hai…not just an actor, but as a human being, he is a fabulous husband, a great co-star, he is a great friend to both men and women. He loves to live his life king-size…he is a foodie… he is into outdoor sports. He loves to travel…he is a very passionate man. So, everything about Maddy I love, except the fact that…

Madhavan: …that I eat and don’t exercise.

Bipasha: No, I will still defend you. He has injured his knees and so he is not able to do so. But he has promised me that he will look after his knees and he is going to work out.

Madhavan: Yes…promise.

Bipasha: He is going to hire me as his fitness trainer.

Madhavan: The main star cast of Jodi Breakers is fitness freak. Bipasha is fitness and I am freak. On the sets, if Bipasha, Milind (Soman), Dipannita (Sharma) and Mrinalini (Sharma) stand on one side, I alone am enough on the other side…the frame gets perfectly balanced.

Madhavan, are you doing something to lose weight?

Madhavan: How can I answer this till the results shows! (Laughs)

Bipasha: I believe in working out and I really work out hard. I just believe that you can’t really show or expect any results without working hard for it.

Bipasha is so full of praises for you. Would you like to say something nice about her too?

Madhavan: Sure. But I don’t want to sound as if I am praising her just because she does so. Truth is, whenever she talks about me being an ideal man, my wife laughs a lot at home. I have never worked with a co-star like Bipasha so far. When I was starting the film, I was very nervous because she is truly a superstar in her rights and she is exotically beautiful and very, very charming. And I didn’t know how our relationship will be on the sets. But you can see how much affection is between us and the full credit for this goes to Bipasha because she never made me feel that she is a bigger than me…in terms of a star…waise she is also taller than me.

Bipasha: No, he is lying…I am not taller than him.

Madhavan: She is really kind at heart. Generally in this industry girls have to maintain a stern exterior so that people don’t exploit them. But if you really get to know how Bipasha is at heart, you will agree with me.

Bipasha, is it true that you used to eat Maddy’s food on the sets?

Bipasha: He made me eat so much cheese (Maddy is a vegetarian). When I used to order my food, by the time my starters arrived, uska khana aa jata tha. He used to order for all cheese and potato and my main course used to take time. And I am always hungry. So I used to eat his food and then my food and I got gol gol cheeks.  And I said Maddy, now we both look like same-same.

Madhavan: Look, it was she who ate it all aur farak mere pe par rahi hai. Aisa thodi hota hai!

Bipasha, what’s your priority in life?

Bipasha: The biggest priority of my life is love and when you talk about  love, it’s not just man-woman love, but about love for family, friends, people, co-stars. When you love, just love with all your heart.

Then you and Maddy give us three tips on love…

Bipasha: Three tips? My God! I am like a teacher already. Be truthful, be honest to the one you love and do everything for the one you love.

Madhavan: Tips for love…for the guys will be-try, try, try till you succeed, fortune favours the brave…go after the girl till she says ‘yes’. And third and most important is ‘next’…yeh nehin toh aur sahi…baas aage barte raho.

Bipasha: Ya, I agree. It’s for girls too. If one thing doesn’t work out that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. You have to move on.

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