Bipasha Basu appreciates John Abram for heling with Video

If John Abraham had been with Bipasha Basu in Delhi last week the ugly incident at a 5-star hotel would not have happened. Unfortunately John couldn’t accompany Bipasha to Delhi at the last minute.

Feb 15, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): If John Abraham had been with Bipasha Basu in Delhi last week the ugly incident at a 5-star hotel would not have happened. Unfortunately John couldn’t accompany Bipasha to Delhi at the last minute.

Says Bipasha, “I missed him when I was under attack in Delhi. He has been a pillar of strength throughout the making and marketing of my fitness video. John is always there for everything I do. Being a Capricorn I like to do everything on my own. Emotionally I need tremendous support from all my loved ones including my parents and John. But when it comes to my work I’m fiercely independent. I’ll only take advice from someone who shares my passion, like John does.”

John would be up in the middle of the night helping Bipasha with the video.

Fondly the lady in love says, “I’d be up at 3 am scripting my video and I’d poke him awake to get his feedback. He would give his inputs no matter how tired or sleepy. He has been a great help. He’s always there for me. He has been a wonderful support.”

Says Bipasha, “This was my baby project. No one had shot a fitness video before. It provides a 25-minute fitness regime with all the shot posturing being made very clear on camera so that the audience would be led into the exercises shot by shot. I’ve never done anything like this. I did it all by myself, with the help of a team. I wanted maximum eyeballs for this. A lot of hard work has gone into it. Eight months of toil. Even at the gym I kept working on the video. Creating content was easier. But putting it together and taking it out for people was new to me.”

Bipasha’s emotional and physical contours have changed.

“I’ve worked out for the last six years. I’ve done all kinds of exercises. But in the last eight months while trying to put forward a regime for my fitness video I ended up following the same regime. With each passing year I think my physical fitness is getting better.”

And now John Abraham thinks Bipasha has the best body in show business.

Bipasha laughs, “He could be biased because he’s my boyfriend. We’ve been told we’re the sweetest and fittest couple in our gym. That means a lot to us. It’s not just the body that makes an individual attractive. You’ve to have a face and a personality to match. We’re in a visual medium. And I’ve to admit most of my colleagues look good, both men and women.”

Initially Bipasha wanted to do the fitness video only for her friends. “There were so many unhealthy people around me. Every time I’d try to push them into the gym they’d say they’ve no time. My music video is for busy, lazy, shy and non-privileged people who can’t afford the gym fees. I wanted it to be concise exercises that could be done in just 25 minutes and I didn’t want them to look intimidating, like ‘Oh my God only Bipasha Basu can do them.’ The idea was to make it fun and easy. The best thing is, a lot of my friends and journalists started following my fitness video from a day after it released. I wanted to be comprehensive and that included precautionary measures to make sure no injury happened.”

The song ‘Love Yourself’ was sung by Monali while Bipasha did some parts of the song.

Sighs Bipasha happily, “The concept ‘Love Yourself’ has clicked. People have always asked me why I look so content. That’s because I like myself. Everyone has an added passion besides their main vocation. John has bikes. Likewise I’m passionate about health and the mechanics of the human body. Whether it’s yoga, swimming or running. Anything that helps me remain physically fit is good for me.”

Bipasha hopes to inspire a lot of people. “Fitness and health are becoming really big in India. Everybody wants to be fit. I’m glad I came out with my health video at this time.”

Bipasha plans to release fitness video every six months. “I already have the idea for the next fitness video. I’ll so something completely different in my next. The first one was tiring because I was groping in the dark. The second and third will be far smoother. Sometimes working on the first fitness video was like banging the head against my wall. Sometimes I had to remind people on my team this was fitness and not a music video. I was like Goddess Durga protecting my project. This is one baby that had nothing to do with John!”

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