Durga Puja-Dashami 2010-Subho Bijoya

Durja Puja 2010-Bijoya DashamiOct 17, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): West Bengal celebrates Bijoya Dashami and the immersion of the Goddess Durga. It turned out to be a fine day. The puja spirit was much dampened by the rain on the previous days, but the  farewell to the goddess was in a pleasant weather.

This is always an occasion of mixed reactions where people are sad for the Devi leaving the earth and going back to her in-laws. But the traditional ‘baran’ of the Goddess, sindoor khela, are at the same time enjoyed esp. by the women. Though, the Devi kills the ‘Mahishashur’, symbolizing the destruction of the evil, on this last day, the demon is also greeted with sweets besides the holy gods and goddesses. The immersion processions with bands, light gates, exchange of greeting, hugs and sweets perk the spirit up.

For some people the four days of puja is a high earning time. No other time of the year they earn what they do in these few days. With Dashami, this economic fortune ends for thie calender year.

Here are some pictures of the occasion.

Wish you all a very Happy Bijoya.

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