Bigg Boss: Nomarions for more eviction

Mumbai, Nov 16 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) As a new twist in nomination of eviction, Bigg Boss asked Captain Akashdeep Saigal aka sky to come into confession room with his favorite contestant.

Akashdeep Saigal aka sky go with Siddharth Bhardwaj in confession room , both discussed and decided Shonali Nagrani, Shradha Sharma,Vida Samadzai and Pooja Misrra names for evition this week.

So, this week battle for eviction between Shoo with nali Nagrani, Shradha Sharma,Vida Samadzai and Pooja Misrra.

1 thought on “Bigg Boss: Nomarions for more eviction

  1. I am happy on the petition filed against the show BIG BOSS 5 in alahbad…as the show does contain vulgur abusive language and it is portraying a wrong image of INDIA to the world. Big boss does not seem to bother about the use of language in the show by the contestants and neither does stop them to continue doing the same. He is ignorant to PM’s acts and focusses on other’s acts, such as shonali saying about teh palstic in the eye…and ignoring the broom got broken by PM. Big boss seem to avoid their fights by saying in the show that,’Jo ghar ghar mai hota hain wahi aaj big boss house mai hua’..Let me tell BIG boss…ke ghar ghar mai agar aisa hota hain, it will happen, once in a blue moon, but not on a daily basis. The audience is witenssing the BIG BOSS is bias, and maybe Pooja misra is a part of their plan. Maybe she is the… agent to Big boss, she was in toiet for more than 2 hrs and when Sid complained about pooja misra banging the door on his fingers, BIg boss, again left a comment, ke ‘chhoti si baat ka patangad baanaarahe hain log,’ Big boss is playing with the audience’s mind, so that they vote for PM. She is definitely an agent of BIG BOSS..who despite of several acts, and unnecessary catching the footage , proves that she has a support from sumone and she unnecessarily intervenes in between every conversation..creating a hype..which goes unnoticed by BIG BOSS..BIG BOSS>.if u r watching the house..WE ARE WACTHING>>>>U! This show, seems to be like a written plan, bt on the contrary , BIG BOSS is showing wrong image of INDIAN PEOPLE Around the globe.

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