Bigg Boss: Shakti Kapoor eviction planned

Mumbai, Nov 1 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor feels that his eviction from controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ was planned as he did not live up to his on-screen image of a bad guy while on the show.

“People have a wrong notion that I am a bad guy. Bigg Boss people got me in the house with 13 females because they thought I will sneak into girls room at night and do something fishy. But I respect women a lot,” the actor told in an interview.

“Since I was not getting into anything like this or any fight or controversy, I got evicted. I think there is something planned about my eviction. Everyone in the audience feels there is something wrong. I thought I would win the show and so did the people,” he claimed.

Shakti Kapoor, the first male contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house, says he is relieved.

“I think it was absolutely the right time for me to be evicted. Maine bahut kuch seekha in bacchon se aur bahut sikhaaya bhi.

“Now that I am not there, it will be an out-and-out youngsters’ game. Bahut kuch tha jo woh mere hote hue nahi kar sakte the … ab kar paayenge, now there will be more tamasha,” says the 59-year-old.

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