Bigg Boss: Akashdeep exposes Salman’s girl

Mumbai, Nov 7 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Mahek Chahal who is known to have bagged Bigg Boss on co-host Salman Khan’s recommendation, came under tremendous fire from fellow-contestant Akashdeep Saigal on the show this week.

Akash aka Sky was already a little upset with Mahek making subtle comments on him. Overreacting on trivial issues is a part of his personality anyways. When he caught Mahek talking about him and the negativity in the house, Sky totally lost it.

He told Mahek, “Why do you keep bad mouthing about me, I know what you are. I know what you do in Goa. I have even seen you scratching men. Don’t poke me; I know a lot about you.”

Mahek has always refrained from talking about her personal life. After hearing all this she literally cried her eyes out. When Sky walked up to her to apologize, she locked her inside the bathroom.

Mahek Chahal had a fight with Akashdeep, that turned into a nightmare and both started pointing figures at each other’s character. After a heated argunment between the two, Mahek couldn’t take it anymore and broke down.

The other inmates, especially Mandeep and Akashdeep feel that Mahek is doing all this to gain sympathy votes.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss asked Misrra to give two names for the selection of the new captain.

Interestingly she nominated herself and Shraddha for captaincy. Many housemates are in favor of voting for Misrra.

On the other hand, Shonali Nagrani was punished for not following Bigg Boss’ orders. Now, Shonali can never become a captain.

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