Bigg Boss 4 promotes communal harmony: Kasab’s ex-lawyer

New Delhi, Oct 13 (Calcutta Tube) Even as reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4’ is facing protests for involving Pakistani artistes, it has sent out a positive message of communal harmony, S.G. Abbas Kazmi, former lawyer of 26/11 attack convict Ajmal Kasab, said after his eviction from the programme.

‘I really liked the concept of the show. It is very good that people from different walks of life, age groups, races, castes and countries have been brought together to live under a roof, together as a family,’ Kazmi, who entered the show last week, told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

‘The show definitely gives a very positive message of national integration and communal harmony,’ he added.

But what does he have to say about the uproar by Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) to evict the two Pakistani artistes from the show — model-actress Veena Malik and TV actor Ali Saleem, whose TV persona Begum Nawazish Ali is very popular both in Pakistan and India.

‘They have their own views. They are probably responding to the hostility shown to our country. But these are totally their views. I can’t say anything,’ said Kazmi, who was sacked for non-cooperation in the 26/11 terror attack case last year.

The 55-year-old, who is the first contestant to be eliminated on the show through public voting, has no regrets about being voted out within one week of his stay.

‘I was back in time for my daughter’s 21st birthday and was able to be with my family when she cut the cake. So why will I have any regrets,’ he asked.

About his eviction, the lawyer said: ‘There’s a lot of dirty politics happening inside. Other contestants felt I was a potential winner.’

‘I was like a ‘badaa kaanta’ (big thorn) for them, so they plotted and nominated me. I think their strategy is to first get rid of all the strong contestants, and then target the soft and simple ones,’ he added.

Kazmi was locked inside the isolated house with 13 others, including thief-turned-detective Devinder Singh alias Superchor Bunty, who was asked to leave the show on the very first day.

Among the participants who touched Kazmi’s heart were model Aanchal Kumar and Rahul Bhatt, who came to the limelight for his acquaintance with David Headley, accused of scouting targets for the Mumbai attack.

‘Rahul is a very simple, clear-at-heart boy. I will always remember him with fondness. Aanchal was a paradox to a supermodel’s image. She had no tantrums and has her feet completely on the ground,’ he said.

However, he feels both of them will not be able to sustain themselves on the show for too long.

According to him, Bhojpuri star Manoj Tiwari has everything it takes to be the ‘Bigg Boss 4’ winner.

‘Manoj Tiwari is a strong contestant. He is quite calm and has an immense fan following. In a way, he represents the north Indian community and there is a major craze for him,’ Kazmi said.

‘Usually in such shows people tend to take pride if someone is from their region, and so I feel the public will send a lot of votes to save Manoj,’ he added.

For now, the senior criminal lawyer is looking forward to go back to the corridors of courts to earn his daily bread and butter.

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