Big wishes of small kids on Children’s day


It is party time for all the kids out there as it is Children’s Day. This is one day that kids look forward to as all the love and affection is bestowed upon them. Near and dear ones try to make them happy and go to any extent to keep the lovely smile on their face. Every child whether obedient or naughty desire to be free of rules and regulations and enjoy to the fullest. Let’s peep to our television’s Child star’s hearts and read how they wish to celebrate this big day and what actually are they doing on this Children’s day?.

Ulka Gupta -I wish that all kids get holiday, there should be party and merry-making. No restrictions on them and they are allowed to do things according to their wish. If this happens then children should make promises that they will always look after their parents and study properly but I am shooting tomorrow. I may or may not go to my school and meet my principal, also I won’t party with friends

Jheel (Sonu) – I wish Katrina Kaif could come to our school. I would party with her but I am shooting on Children’s day

Sweeni Khara- I would like to play with my friends for the whole day and watch movie with my mom and dad but tomorrow I am actually going to an orphanage in Vasai where my grandmother stays and give them books.

Saloni Dani – I would love to have fun with my friends by inviting them home and play with them and I am not shooting tomorrow so, I may do so

Telekids are quite excited about the big day and their minds fly to wonderful things to do with loved ones but sadly some of these kids are busy as bee and cannot even have a holiday on this good day. We wonder how today’s kids can’t enjoy and fulfill their wishes; we just hope they enjoy whatever they do on special day of Children’s day.

-Chandana H Buch/ Sampurn Media

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