Big B’s look in ‘Bbuddah’ yet to be finalised

Mumbai, March 12 (Calcutta Tube) Amitabh Bachchan’s much-discussed look with tinted and dyed hair in ‘Bbuddah’ is yet to be finalised, thanks to Prakash Jha’s ‘Aarakshan’ which the megastar is currently shooting in Bhopal.

Not only do the mega star’s looks for the two films differ, there’s no way he can move from one to the other effortlessly.

Said a source: ‘In ‘Bbuddah’, the Big B needs to look like a defiant rebellious 60-year-old man who thinks he’s still 22. After much deliberation the director and the star had jointly decided on a particular cool-dude look.’

‘All the details of the look, the Big B’s special dyed wig and an imported tint for his beard had been taken care of,’ he said.

But then the unexpected happened. The Big B decided to sport a specific look for ‘Aarakshan’.

He trimmed his beard and hair to a size that he thought suited his character, throwing the look for ‘Bbuddah’ completely out of its intended course.

Understandably, there is high anxiety on the sets of ‘Bbuddah’ as the look needs now to be modified according to how the Big B looks for ‘Aarakshan’.

Said the source: ‘In ‘Aarakshan’, the Big B plays a college professor. His look has been tailored accordingly.’

‘But now the look planned for the Big B to play the street-smart dude in ‘Bbuddah’ is no more applicable because of the size of his beard and hair for ‘Aarkashan’,’ the source said.

‘So the makers of ‘Bbuddah’ now need to work out a new look for the Big B in accordance with how he looks for ‘Aarakshan’,’ he said.

Director Puri Jagannath flew to Bhopal to discuss – and possibly devise – a new look for the Big B. But so far the ‘Bbuddah’ team is not sure of what the Big B should look like in the light of his unexpectedly modified look in ‘Aarakshan’.

Everyone on the ‘Bbuddah’ team has been given the licence to decide on a look for the Big B.

Co-producer Abhishek Bachchan too is on the drawing-board trying to work out a look that bridges the gap between how he looks in ‘Aarakshan’ and how he was supposed to look in ‘Bbuddah’.

Jagannath confirms: ‘We are yet to decide on Bachchan’s look. It now has to be worked around how he looks for ‘Aarakshan’. There’s little time to decide the look. We start shooting from March 23 with him. Any suggestions?’

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