Bhopal verdict shows need to review law processes: Moily

New Delhi, June 8 (Calcutta Tube) Union Law Minister Veerappa Moily Tuesday said the time has come to ‘revisit’ the process of justice and investigations, following the delayed verdict of the Bhopal gas tragedy.

‘There shouldn’t only be reactions and talking, but a consistent system of law, justice and also preventive methods,’ Moily said to NDTV channel.

A city court in Bhopal Tuesday convicted eight people for the Bhopal gas tragedy, which was the biggest industrial disaster in the world. ‘It is the greatest tragedy that has happened in India,’ he said.

‘I would say that the time has now come to revisit the whole process of the judiciary, whole process of investigation, whole process of laws,’ asserted Moily.

The law minister said there was ‘no fear of law, no fear of wrongdoing, sometimes deliberately or by their own omissions’.

‘Culprits should be punished and victims should be compensated properly…Comprehensive stand-alone law is needed for this,’ he said.

Moily said the verdict on Bhopal gas tragedy was a ‘case of justice not being delayed but being buried’.

‘The anguish among people is natural, we need to take this further and bring this to a logical end,’ he said.

He noted that the ‘case is not closed as far as (then Union Carbide chief Warren) Anderson is concerned’.

A former Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) official, B.R. Lall earlier told media outlets that he was told not to pursue charges against Warren Anderson on the plea of external affairs ministry.

‘This reflects the integrity of the investigating officer. The Investigating officer has his own powers. He shouldn’t worry about interference with other bodies. I hold him responsible and culpable. The officers should discharge their duties properly,’ Moily said hitting back at the retired official’s statement.

The minister said that the ‘extradition matter is with the investigating agency and the external affairs ministry’.

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