Bhooter Bhabishyat jewellery collection presented by Swastika: Bengali Film News

Popular Tollywood actress Swastika Mukherjee was present in the brand new Anjali Jewellers showroom to unveil intricate and elaborate piece of jewellery from the film “Bhooter Bhabishyat” designed by the outlet.

In the film Swastika showcased traditional Bengali gold jewellery from Anjali Jewellers.

Talking about the Anjali jewellery collection that Swastika wore in the film, she said: “They make jewellery according to character’s demand. I think old is gold. These collections are very classy.”

Referring to the connection between her character and the jewellery in the film, she said: “The name of my character is Kodolibala. In the movie she belongs to an era when women used to wear lots of jewelleries. She used to receive lots of jewelleries from Jamindars but none marries her. This sorrow leads to her suicide.”

“Then she turns into ghost. But even after turning into ghost she carries on loving and wearing her jewellery.  She is very possessive about her jewellery. She always talks about the designs. In the film jewelley has got lots of importance.”

The collection that Swastika showcased included a timeless Sita Haar, Anjali’s signature bala-Golap Bala and the intricately detailed ear pieces or Jhumkas.

Keeping the modern day brides in mind Anjali Jewellers has given the traditional jewellery a contemporary twist, making it more wearable for all occasions.

The jewellery collection include elaborate neck pieces, rings, nose pin or nath, bangles, earrings, kan pasha, and chains.

The collection ranges from 50,000 onwards and is available at all Anjali stores.

Speaking about the collection, Anargha Choudhury, MD, Anjali Jewellers said: “Wedding is the most significant day in a woman’s life and to make it more special, we at Anjali have brought forth a whole new range of designs which include traditional, contemporary and lightweight jewellery.”

When asked him how today’s modern women will connect to traditional old jewelery, he said: “Jewellery is such a thing that women will always connect. Moreover, traditional jewellery is very much in vogue.”

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