Bhaswar Chatterjee talks about his latest movie Muskaan

Bhaswar Chatterjee_Muskaan Movie Premiere
Bhaswar Chatterjee_Muskaan Movie Premiere

August 4, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): Bengali actor Bhaswar Chatterjee talks about his latest film Muskaan also starring Raj Dutta, Bobby Chakrabarty. Veteran TV actress and Bollywood personality Rita Bhaduri plays the name role in this film and acts in Bhaswar’s mother character.

“This kind of film is new to me. I have never worked in a social awareness film before. Proir to the shooting, I was not sure how it was going to turn out. But once the film went on floors, I started enjoying it.

“This is the first time I have worked with any production house from Bangalore. I liked working with director Anil Anniah, too. The film coveys the message that it is possible for the rural people to live an economically decent life. This film will be screened at many different places. I hope it spreads the message properly to a larger audience. ”

According to Bhaswar, he signed the film because he liked the story. “Another reason that I took the project was that veteran actress Rita Bhaduri was cast as my mother in the movie. I have been watching her films and television soaps ever since I was a kid. She is such a terrific actress. While working with her in Muskaan, we have developed a warm bonding. She is so humble and down to earth to person.

“Even though I am fluent in Hindi and can read and write the language, Bengali is still my mother tongue. So, occasionally when I would have doubts about my Hindi, Rita auntie would guide me. And the most cherished memories of all are the chats we used to have. She would talk of her olden days, her struggle and journey.

“Her experience working with other great actors is like a fairy tale for me. It was my own way of reaching out to those great personalities through her stories.”

Bhaswar who has previously worked in the Ajay Devgan starrer Bollywood Hindi movie ‘Bhagat Singh’ says that it was so nostalgic working in Hindi again.

“Muskaan is my first Hindi movie after Bhagat Singh. The latter was shot in Bollywood, and former in West Bengal. But still I had to express myself in Hindi during the entire shooting. It reminded me of my previous Bollywood film. However, in all these years my techniques and approach towards acting have changed. Now I have gained somewhat more experience.”

Bhawar does not have much expectation from this current project.

“The film is made for the rural audience to create a social awareness. Even though the film will be promoted in remote places, I still don’t think that we are common faces to this section of society. Naturally, I do not have any expectations,” says Bhaswar.

Bhaswar, who is currently focused on Bengali projects, says that he is open to good Bollywood offers.

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