BharatBerry: Mobile app for Nokia handsets

Jaipur, Nov 18 (IANS) A mobile application for Nokia handsets, combining e-mail and content back-up functions, was launched Thursday by a city-based technology company.

‘This software is called BharatBerry. It offers advance push mail with over the air (OTA) backup of your contacts, tasks, calendar and notes. Also, it provides Sync to your Outlook mail,’ Data Infosys’ chief executive officer Ajay Data said.

The company had earlier launched a similar application for BlackBerry users, also called BharatBerry.

‘Our service, whether on a BlackBerry or Nokia handset, ensures that you remain connected to your email, calendar and contacts through the servers hosted in India,’ Data said.

Data said that the software can be downloaded from the website www.bharatberry.com.

Access to all services, including e-mails, would be free till Feb 2011, after which a monthly fee of Rs.100 will be charged, he said.

The company would soon introduce software for other handsets brands as well, and would work on both Android and Windows Mobile platforms, Data said.

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