Bhalobasa Jindabad (2009) Bengali Film

Bhalobasa Jindabad (2009) Bengali Film
Bhalobasa Jindabad is a Bengali romantic movie that brings Rahul and Priyanka together in Bangla Cinema. The Bengali film is produced by Roudra movies and directed by Reshmi Mitra.

Bhalobasa Jindabad – A disappointing Love Story

Bhalobasa Jindabad (2009) Rahul Priyanka

Bhalobasa Jindabad (2009) Rahul Priyanka

Director: Reshmi Mitra
Producer: Roudra Movies
Music: Ashok Bhadra
Cast: Rahul, Priyanka, Rudranil Ghosh, Papiya Adhikari, Kalyan Chatterjee, Malabika
Lyric: Priyo Chatterjee
Playback Singers: Soham, Imon Chatterjee, Anwesha, Deepmala, Javed Ali, Jube Banerjee, Shreshtha
Date of Release: June 26, 2009

Review of Bhalobasa Jindabad
Bhalobasa Jindabad is a love story that revolves around Raj (Rahul) and Kusum (Priyanka). Raj is the grandson of Nirupama Debi (played by Papiya Adhikari). Nirupama Devi (Papiya Adhikari)¬†owns Sanyal Incorporate. Just like Sammi Kapoor in “Kashmir Ki Kali”, Raj falls in love with Kusum who sells flowers at the market. Well, now the story boils down to the old crap. Fight between LOVE and RICH, OLD and YOUNG and so on. As you all can predict, Nirupama Debi had to come up with some conspiracy to stop Raj to marry Kusum. So she hired Bishu (played by Rudranil Ghosh) who also love Kusum very much. Nirumapa Devi also appoints Riya, a childhood friend of Raj, to seduce him.

There is not much to talk about the New Bengali Movie “Bhalobasa Jindabad”. The only plus point of the film is “Rahul and Priyanka” who are now real life partners too.

What went wrong?
The film needed proper publicity specially when this is only the 2nd movie by Rahul-Priyanka together who are famous for Raj Chakraborty’s “Chirodini Tumi Je Amar”.

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9 thoughts on “Bhalobasa Jindabad (2009) Bengali Film

  1. rahul priyanka jodi is very fantastic & very both are romantic person

  2. i love you priyanka & like you rahul

  3. eto baje film hoi na……..

  4. i love rahul very very very……………………….much.u r fabulous.i love love love u.i like priyanka too she’s cute.

  5. raju pradhan / July 27, 2010 at 3:35 am

    Film ta sab kichu thik ache.but direction khub kharap.jeta bengali film flop hoar annatam karan.

  6. amman mastaan ahmed / August 6, 2010 at 7:50 am

    great film! A gud direction frm reshmi mitra got to see in this film,must watch movie,i liked it.

  7. story: 1/5
    direction: -5/5
    cinematography: 1/5
    art direction: 0/5
    costume: 2/5
    Makeup: 1/5
    acting: 1/5 (for bad direction)
    music: 2/5
    dialog: 1/5

  8. I like priyanka.

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