Bhalobasa Bhalobasa (2008)

Bhalobasa Bhalobasa (2008)
Release date: October 2, 2008
Director: Ravi Kinagi
Producer: Eskay Movies
Cast: Hiron, Srabanti, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Laboni Sarkar, Locket Chatterjee, Subhasish Mukherjee, Kamalika Banerjee.
Bhalobasa Bhalobasa (2008)
Bhalobasa Bhalobasa (2008)

Short Review:

The film deals with typical middle class centiments between a son a father. Family should support the children. In Indian context where most of the moms are housewives, the father actually supports the family and children. But for how long?

How long a boy may ask for his pocket money from his dad? When is the right time to be independent? Is it 18 or 24?

Sometimes the family is too conservative and directs the life of their children the way they want them to be. But does their child like the way? Bhalobasa Bhalobasa deals with the sensitive sentimental relationship between a father and son. Where a loving father tries to give his son everything he can. Now it is upto the son where he should accept the offerings from his father to fulfill his dreams in life. Should he choose his life partner? Or should he let his father do it? Should he decide his career or should he let his family do it?

Well, Bhalobasa Bhalobasa is again another film with a very different subject. It is great for Bengali films that we are trying new subjects more and more. Hiran is a new actor and looking for big hits. We wish a great success of the film. We have Laboni Sarkar, Locket Chatterjee, Sabyasachi to support our young hero in this film.

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Now playing at The following Movie Halls in Calcutta
Bijoli      :       2:30 P.M., 5:30 P.M., 8:30 P.M.
Chhabighar     :     2:30 P.M., 5:30 P.M., 8:30 P.M.
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38 thoughts on “Bhalobasa Bhalobasa (2008)

  1. This picture is a copy cut paste of superhit telugu movie “Bommarillu” . Please Bengali film industry try something new..dont just CUT COPY PASTE 😛

  2. just loved dis film
    tollywood is improving day by day
    da story of da film is very much different from typical bengali films
    nd tollywood industry really needs new faces like hiran nd sranbanti who can act nd dance too
    10 on 10 4 dis film


  4. jara barir jonno prem korte voi pacho tara tader baba maa k niye bhalobasa bhalobasa flim ta dekhe eso. hoy to tomader problem solve hoy jabe
    jodi na hoy amar saathe jogajog koro, ami chesta korbo

  5. Ei cenama ti tamil superhit “bommarillu” theka copy kora. music emonki ganer drisho gulo copy kora hoeche.

  6. “bommarillu” te siddhart geneliar ovinoe aro valo chilo ” bhalobasa bhalobasa” er hiron shrabontir theka.Ami 10 e 4 debo

  7. its too good for average boys of this age group to view this toooooooooooooooo good.hiran’s simplicity is marvelous.srabanti is very cudly

  8. darun movie …. a must watch for all …. amar to bapokk legeche ….r jara copy r kotha bolcho , boss copy koreche manchi , but amra , bangalira , jara tamil telegu bujhio na , r oisob film dekhio na , tader jonno eta ekta darun bapar …. tay na ? hindi film o to akchhar copy hoy …. joto dosh sob bangla cinemar ? jay hok …. darun boi …. 10 e ami 9.5 debo minimum …. 10 o dewa jay … bapokk … starting bapok .. abar ending tao daruun ….

  9. Hi, Ami Suman, “Bhalobasha Bhalobasha” First day First show dekhechi, sudhu first show noi aro 8ber dekhechi. Srabonti ke fatafati sweet, inocent, ar misti legeche, khub bhalo ovinoi koreche. Hiron er somporke ki bolbo wonderful acting, fatafati dekte lagchilo. Aacha “BHALOBASHA BHALOBASHA” jodi notun wallpaper thake tahole Please janio. “HAPPY NEW YEAR” Hiron and Srabonti & All Viewers.
    Suman and Rahul

  10. I don’t know how to create this film. but i m sure everybody must be hard work for that.
    I don’t watch this film but songs are great great great nice and excellent.
    every song attract my heart and really it is very very nice

  11. Bhalobasa Bhalobasa flim is a grate story and songs is my favourite is a lovely song
    Srabonti nice actor this flim hiran is not subject this flim. that will be excellent picture.
    have good day

  12. ei film tar telegu naam “bombarulu”…story ta khub bhalo…kintu gaan o apnara jhere chen…ektu nijeder protiva dhakan..

  13. This one is from Bommarillu (Telugu) – Genelia n Siddharth & Santhosh Subramaniam(Tamil).Please you are having rich talent so kindly use it own..

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