Beyond Belief 4: rowed for 3 days and covered 108kms in Hooghly River

Kolkata, December 5, 2010 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): Thirteen differently-abled men created something significant as they rowed for three days and covered 108kms from Haldia to Kolkata, on Monday.

They rowed for three days on the Hooghly river for the expedition named ‘Beyond Belief 4’, the first such event in the world.

“I think the courage and the indomitable spirit comes out so thoroughly in this. It makes us wonder what we can do. We need to support and help them,” said West Bengal Governor M.K. Narayanan.

Mover of this project, Abhijit Dasgupta, whose ‘Beyond Belief 1 to 3’ documentaries have won multiple International awards, said: “Our attempt is to make the disabled accepted by the society through a series of adventure programs, it is unfortunate that many still consider the differently-abled persons as disabled.”

“We have been using social communication as a tool by capturing their feats on camera and screening the films on television, in film festivals and educational institutions,” he added.

The 13 players, who participated in the expedition, included, Sukanta Mondal, Bholanath Dolui, Jaydev Mondal, Santanu Sen, Dipankar Goldar, Subhankar Goldar, Pintu Goldar, Gopal Pal, Bablu Mukherjee, Priyabrata Sadhu, Ram Prasad Sardar, Abdul Ali Laskar, Ujjwal Ghosh.

“It was a 108 kms journey, we have overcome several obstacles and we were saved from a severe accident on Sunday, From that condition we reached the situation. It was confidence that made us reach here,” Gopal Pal said.

The Lions Clubs and the Kolkata Sukriti Foundation conduct this event every year for a group of specially-challenged people.

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