Beyonce Knowles says she is getting closer to having kids

London, Dec 1 (Calcutta Tube) Singer Beyonce Knowles, who recently got a tattoo on her ring finger, has denied pregnancy rumours but says she is now getting closer to having kids.

‘There are certain things I wanted to do before I had a child so I can really focus on being a mother. And I’m getting closer to that point, but I mean I still am in such a great place in my career that I feel like I want to wait until I’m really, really ready,’ quoted her as saying.

The singer wants people to look forward to the day she decides to have a child and not ignore it as another rumour about her pregnancy.

She said: ‘It’s difficult because one day I will decide to have a child and I want people to be excited and they’re gonna be like, okay, whatever, she’s been pregnant 25 times.’

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