Best Bollywood Lyrics from Hindi Movies

Check out our great selection of featured songs for their wonderful lyrics. Our tinsel town lyricists have been quite impressing when it comes to out of box writing.

Best Bollywood Lyrics from Hindi Movies
Check out our great selection of featured songs for their wonderful lyrics. Our tinsel town lyricists have been quite impressing when it comes to out of box writing. Getting to the grass root level and connecting with the audience to churn out some beautiful yet unconventional lyrics is something very commendable. Last five years have witnessed the rain of creativity in penning down lyrics. ‘Dhan Te Nan’ is one such creation of Vishal Bhardwaj which is a part of his forthcoming directorial venture Kaminey. Kaminey comes across as an interesting film with this song already topping the charts. So, we thought of bringing you a list of songs which have umpteen style quotients attached to them. Here, we go with ‘Dhan Te Nan’.

Dhan Te Nan (Kaminey)– This track definitely comes as a refreshing treat for the music-lovers who crave for originality in creative endeavours. Kaminey is slated to release in August. However, ‘Dhan Te Nan’ has already caught the attention of one and all for its unconventional lyrics and music. If we give a thought such lingo has been a part of every Indian kid. All credits to the Bollywood flicks made in 80’s which had similar background music in the fight sequence. Vishal Bhardwaj has made a fantastic use of music by converting it into vocals. The music too boasts about its super engaging power. Considering all this, one thing is for sure that Kaminey does not need any more promotion strategies to woo its audiences to enter the theatres. ‘Dhan Te Nan’ has already done the most for the film.

Aey Ganpat Chal Daru La (Shootout at Lokhandwala)- Shootout at Lokhandwala has all the important components in it to make big at the box-office. However, music again got its audiences head over heels to watch the film and make it a big success. ‘Aey Ganpat Chal Daru La’ became one of the unique selling points and in-fact is the most stylish tracks till date composed in B-Town. Maya Dolas (Vivek Oberoi) along with his team of rogues put life in the song. However, the song got its grace with Mika’s voice. Mika not only did sing but composed the music as well. ‘Aey Ganpat Chal Daru La’ got a fantastic shelf space in many discos and pubs across India.

Masakalli Masakalli (Delhi 6)- One of the top charters of by gone year, this track gave a real boost to singer Mohit Chauhan’s career. Nevertheless, it has to its credit a lovely recognition of Sonam Kapoor now referred to as the Masakalli of B-Town. The beautiful comparison of Sonam’s character with free pigeon gives this song an extra-mark for its stylish lyrics. Sahi Bolta hai (Ankhen)- ‘Khane Ka Hai chickens curry…jeb mein tere dus rupaiya…peele kuting Khale Bajiya…sahi bolta hai’. This track had touched the chords of one and all with terrific comic-timing. Three poor blinds consoling each other for good times to come was the theme of the song shot and sung beautifully. The beauty of the song was that everyone could relate with the lyrics at one point of time in their lives. Although Aankhen did fetch its share of success in the midst of biggest hits in that year, but ‘Sahi Bolta Hai’ is still one of the on-tip-of-the-tongue numbers of the industry.

Oh hum dum suniyo re (Sathiya)- This foot-tapping number with a tinge of rap in it makes many a hearts go flutter even now. It broke the ice by changing the mindset that romantic songs need not be melodious. The song oozed out the maximum style with Vivek Oberoi humming to the tunes. K K became star-singer overnight. Oh Humdum…made its mark and till date has got its fans around humming.

Dol Dol (Yuva)– With this one, A R Rehman took everyone to the planet of trance. The instrumental theme piece takes the much-appreciated story of the Yuva further. Shaheen Badar fantastic vocals added another feather in the cap of the song. The lyrics had loads of oomph factor which lured everyone to listen to it. Again, the film did get much recognition but music was the high point. – Esha Razdan/ Sampurn

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