Bengali stars add flavour to Emami mustard oil campaign

Kolkata, Feb 10 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Renowned group, Emami, is eying a market share of 30 % in the packaged and organised sector of mustard oil in West Bengal in the next three years.
Emami also launched a new campaign for ‘Healthy and Tasty’ mustard oil in Bengal titled ‘Bangalir Chokhe Jol Keno’ ( Why are there tears in the eyes of Bengalis?).
“This campaign is a tribute to the food and original flavour  of Bengal which is in the mustard oil that brings tears to eyes during coooking while it also brings water in mouth,” Aditya V. Agarwal, Director, Emami Group of companies said.
“With our Healthy and Tasty kacchi Ghani mustard oil we are attempting to preserve that taste and purity and bring out the same passion, zeal and vigour in the Bengali heart,” he said.
The campaign is seeing few of the well known faces of Bengal like actor Rituparna Sengupta, writer Sunil Gangapadhyay, Bratati Bandhyopadhyay and danseuse Mamata Shankar.
“When I get outside Kolkata, may be when I am in Singapore I cook, as I hardly get to cook here,” Rituparna Sengupta said in a panel discussion organised during the event on Friday afternoon.
Writer Sunil Gangapadhyay said: “When I heard about this campaign I found it to be really interesting and soon I became a part of the campaign. The more funny side lies in the fact that I am the only male in the group of the renowned females of Kolkata who are part of the campaign,”

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