Bengali Movie ‘Baishe Shraban’ Srijit Mukherjee`s Police Officers Of His Own Kind

Oct 15, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Utopia, though used in a bad sense, is a super model of positive imagination. An individual and by and large the civilization itself emancipate with utopian line of thinking. But with police we have no utopia and have nothing positive by which the cognitive centre of common people may accept them as friend or philosopher. Srijit Mukherjee in his recent film ‘22she Shraban` has made a marvelous venture by making a new model of police personnel whom we have never met before. It`s true that time and again in some film police has been depicted in an idiotic impossible way. In fact we cannot dream of any love making police officer like Avijit Pakrashi(Parambrato Chattopadhyay). Our mental make up easily accepts police as a rapist but can never accept police as a humanist. Two police personnel of ‘22she Shraban` Prabir Roy Chowdhury(Prasenjit Chaterjee) and Avijit are unique, if not utopia in a real sense. And even the character like Nibaran Chakraborty (the nick name of Rabindranath and the poet in ‘Shesher Kabita`), is also very much unknown to us. The characterization of Nibaran by film maker Gautam Ghosh is cerebral functioning and something different.

Since it`s a thriller of its own kind the story by and large ought not to be unveiled. In nut shell the film initially seems to have 1980s’ unsolved ‘Stoneman Murders’ syndrome. The then victims in all cases were pavement dwellers whose head would have been smashed by stone. Here in this film the victims are at random and not necessarily pavement dwellers. Investigating officer Abhijit Pakrashi has been ordered to take help of Prabir, a brilliant ex IPS, now suspended because of his ruthlessness towards the suspected criminals in custody. Prabir lives an erotic solitude accompanied by a mysterious helping hand in an abandoned house. He passes his time with chase board and alcohol glass. Abhjiti on the other hand lives together with his enchanting fiancé Amrita(Raima Sen) who simultaneously has another boy friend Surja(Abir Chaterjii) of her media circle. Abhijit, Surja and Amrita in between make a mild triangle where Surja suddenly discloses the auspicious date of proposing Amrita to be day after tomorrow and on the other hand while discovering this couple roaming, Abhijit jumps out of his car having in the background the nice song ‘just say none .. no one have none…` (ekbar bal nei, keu nei tor keu nei) sang by Anupam Ray, whose lyrics and music direction has made this thriller a musical as well. The singers with Anupam`s lyrics in this film are Srikanta Acharya, Rupam Islam, Raghab Chaterjee, Shreya Ghosal, Saptershi Mukherjee ,Anindya Chaterjee and Anupam Roy himself. The use of Jibanananda Das, Shakti Chattopadhay, Biren Chattopadhay,Sukanta Bhattacharjya, Madhusudan Dutta and that of Rabindranath seem to be unique in a movie which is more a crime thriller than a love story. Finally it is discovered or is shown as discovery that each and every murder is done in auspicious day of death anniversary of any of those poets and thus comes the 22she Shraban the death anniversary of Rabindranath when lyrics from Shesher Kabita and that of Nibaran Chakraborty is being used and instead of homicide, we watch the suicide of the serial killer himself. This scene is brilliant and has been poetically built up by Prasenjit, Parambrata, Soumik Halder (cinematographer) and of course by the Director Srijit Mukherji himself.

Though the central character of the film is enacted by Prasenjit, this column will first congratulate Parambrata for his excellent performance with compatible rigidity and flexibility as well. And then comes superb Raima who speaks and spans with never ending charm. Abir is another young actor who deserves enormous applaud. Between two other cops the younger one has been nicely depicted by Anindya Bandopadhyay and the senior one by Rajesh Sharma. Prasenjit has enacted as a hero of his own kind with some pinches of cerebral function and more with that of malfunction. Moreover the character itself is very difficult to accept. But coupling Prasenjit with Parambrata makes the whole thing a grand utopia. After “Autograph` Srijit makes “22she Shraban`. We are happy to watch the emancipation of a promising young film maker of his own kind.

– Pachu Ray

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