Interview with DEV

Bengali Film Star DEV’s interview by DTS team

February 9, KOLKATA (Calcutta Tube): DTS Team (DevTheSuperstar.Com) has recently interviwed DEV – the Bengali Super Star. DTS has received wonderful appreciation and growing rapidly with the growing number of DEV fans. DTS already has nearly 3100 members and new members are flooding their webpage. DTS Team has been supporting Calcutta Tube even before the formation of their official webpage with pictures and comments. The interview with DEV by the DTS team is published with permission from Sayantan.
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Interview with DEV

Interview with DEV: SAYANTAN and DEV together

Interview Detail:

  • Interview: Ayon
  • Photography: Sayantan
  • Question Set by : Ayon & Sayantan

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Dev na Deepak

I like both Dev & to hear both…like Dev because i’m very successful in this name..and like Deepak because i’m familiar with it since my childhood. Both names are very important & special to me.

DEV in a Children Movie

I want to do a children movie. But  good script & good director are needed. It’s in my mind that i have to do a movie like Taare Zameen Par..Let’s see when it’ll happen

You favourite from ur 7 movies

From my seven movies my favourites are I Love You & Bolo Na Tumi Aamar

Le Paglu Dance or Bhojo Gourango

Le Paglu Dance because i want to live my present. I think about present, want to forget the success & want to struggle again. I want to push myself in new levels..So Le Paglu Dance is more important to me

Something About Bolo Na Tumi Amar’s Success

Thank you very very much for Bolo Na Tumi Amar’s success. I was afraid . My three movies were released in 2009. All of them have done really good.So the beginning of 2010 was very important to me. Last year, my 1st release was Challenge which got huge success . So i wanted something in 2010 better than Challenge . Bolo Na Tumi Amar was very important to me to maintain the platform i obtained. I was afraid before the release. But now i’m a getting good responses ,watched good reviews all over Audiences are liking it. Now during shooting everyone is telling “Dada ei dekhe berolam”, i’m releived now. Let’s hope it will get better & better.Now It’s time to LE CHAKKA

Something about Le Chakka

Le Chakka is a movie of different genre. My new make-over,new story. it’s my 2nd movie with Raj. Let’s hope Le Chakka will be good. We all r trying hard. I’m doing a movie based on cricket. After a long time a cricket-oriented movie is happening. It’s a story of two “para”. Different type movie..It’s tough to decide it’ll be hit or flop but it has a strong storyline.U can say it’s my 1st original script..what i’ve done in dis years were all remakes. It’s a experimental film – Let’s hope it’ll do well.

Directors you want to work with in future?

Arey..i’ve just started. Lots more works to come. A long list of directors are remaining..I’ve done only 8 movies..long way to go.. pray for me..

You in Bollywood?

I didn’t think of it yet. I want to be in Kolkata & do quality works..don’t have an intention to leave Kolkata soon. Let’s hope that i’ll  do lots of good movies in Kolkata

At last say something about your website

I want to thank whole team of devthesuperstar website. 1st time i was shocked after hearing the news. Normally u have to pay from your pocket..u know like u have to do by your own. 1st time a team is doing so much for me..thanks to them…seriously i don’t give much time for the site..sometimes i don’t receive their phone…coz i’m moody about phone.may be they are angry..i can’t give much time to them…can’t gove informations to them..but still this peoples are so sweet..They keep on updating me..what’s happening to me..upload my pictures..u know it’s very important for being a hero. These peoples are really good to me..i really thanks all of them…Thank u…thank u sayan & ur whole team. God Bless u n Keep Rocking..

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