Bengali film ‘Maya Bazaar’ set for release

Kolkata, May 20 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) produced Bengali film “Maya Bazaar” is all set for a commercial release after nearly three years since it was made.

On Friday in a press conference director Joydeep Ghosh informed that his much awaited movie ‘Maya Bazaar’ will be releasing on June 1.

Produced by NFDC, the government body that promotes good cinema, Mayaa Bazaar  is an anthology of three stories- ‘Smriti’, ‘Satwa’ and ‘Bhobisshot’.

Talking about the film  director Joydeep Ghosh said: “Going by the content ‘Maya Bazaar’ is a very different kind of film. It is a very thought provoking  and compels you to think beyond the empirical world.”

“This film drives you to a world of obsession engulfed with memories, overwhelmed with illusion, desperately trying to contemplate the absolute truth of life” added the director.

The filmmaker said: “It is a movie for every sensible man who otherwise has a world of his own imagination. There is a common link between all the stories, that is an obsession and desperation to find something that is missing.”

The cast in ‘Smriti’ includes Rupa Ganguly, Badshah Moitra and Krishno Kishore Mukherjee.

Dipanjan Bhattacharjee and Payal De will be playing the role of two protagonists in ‘Satwa’.

Veteran actors Dhritiman Chatterjee and Pradeep Chattopadhyay acted in ‘Bhobisshot’.

Actor Rupa Ganguly said: “Every man has his own mental world, his own mode of thinking. Every man creates a world of good and evil, pleasure and pain, out of his own imagination only. My character portrays that internal brawl within one self through her anxious longing for her husband who is no more.”

Badshah Moitra said: “The film is very interesting and the role that I have portrayed in this film is very challenging.”

The director said the team had tired its best and he only “hopes that the audience likes it.”

(Reporting by Shreejata Niyogi)

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