Bengali Film Hero Hiran walks in Kolkata Fashion and Design Week

Fashion designers held in thrall the audience with their stylish, graceful, elegant collections on the second day of Kolkata Fashion and Design Week on Friday.

Popular fashion designer Sadan Pande showcased his gorgeous collection where showstoppers were Tollywood actor Hiran Chatterjee and model Parijat Chakraborty.

The other fashion designers who showcased their collection on the second day of Kolkata Fashion and Design week were Rimi Nayak, Santanu Mondol, Surbhi Pansari and Sandeep Sarkar.

Rimi Nayak, an established designer, showcased her insect collection titled “Insect in my closet” which was displayed at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week.

The collection has been inspired from the fascinated world of insects and has been depicted through prints, embroidery and silhouettes.

The attires that Rimi showcased were sari, short dresses, gowns and one piece to name a few.

Fashion designer Santanu Mondol who debuted as a fashion designer in Kolkata Fashion and Design Week explored love in his creation.

Speaking about his collection, Santanu said: “I have taken inspiration from the world famous painting of Botticelli ‘Birth of Venus’ and the film ‘Love in the Afternoon’. My collection has a French touch.”

“I have created the dresses according to the season. The basic handloom fabric and net have been used in the creation.  It’s 80%-85% cotton. The dresses are light, airy and simple,” he said about the dresses.

Designer Surbhi Pansari showcased a complete men’s wear collection in the fashion show that included Indo-Western, Jodhpuri, Waistcoat, Shirts and Jawahar Jacket.

Waist Coats and Shirts were paired with slim trousers and breaches while the jodhpurs were paired with Patiyala Salwars.

Talking about her collection, she said: “I am trying to create something that people will accept. People are not that confident to carry something new so I have created something new, traditional yet smart that people will be able to carry confidently.”

“I have blended our rich heritage of past with the chick attitude of present. Linen and jacquard cloth have been used for the dresses and I have played with colours like blue, red and green,” she added.

Sandeep Sarkar’s collection was inspired by William Wordsworth’s Solitary Reaper. His collection explored the loneliness inside us and the love within our own soul.

Talking about the name of the theme of the collection, Sandeep said: “The name of the theme is ‘The crow’.  Whenever I feel lonely I go to my terrace I find them and I don’t feel lonely anymore.”

“You will find them even in your worst days. For me they are beautiful. That’s what I have showcased in my collection,” said Sandeep.

Sandeep showed trendy white, black and red dresses by keeping the summer season in mind.

(Reporting by Tania Roy)

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