Bengali Film actress Srabonti gets two big releases on the same day

Amanush Bengali Film - Soham and Srabonti

Amanush Bengali Film - Soham and Srabonti

The beautiful Srabonti who is also a spontaneous actress, is currently painting Tollygunge in all the bright colours of the rainbow. She has two big releases lined up for Friday, the 30th of April simultaneously. She plays the sophisticated, city-bred engineering student in Amanush opposite Soham. The film is directed by her husband Rajib Kumar under the Ashok Dhanuka banner. In Wanted, she plays a bubbly girl full of fun opposite Jeet with Sharad Kapoor pitching in as police officer. Wanted is directed by Ravi Kinagi who directed her first film Champion several years ago under the Shree Venkatesh Films banner. Song sequences of these two films have been shot abroad, one in Mauritius and the other in Bangkok. “In both films, I am involved with men who are trapped in identity problems of different kinds and I am supposed to ease these out with love,” Srabonti sums up.

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