Bengali Actress Locket Chatterjee at Changing Lanes’ at the Golden Gallery

Kolkata, Apr 5 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): City photographers assembled at the closing ceremony of ‘Changing Lanes’ at the Golden Gallery on Wednesday to interact on camera, actors and photographs.

Popular Tollywood actor Locket Chatterjee was present at the closing ceremony.
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Changing Lanes is a colonnade of common faces expressing various human emotions and nature.

Lopamudra Talukdar and Indrajit Dutta for the first time exhibited their photographs together at the Gallery Gold.

Talukdar said she never went for any formal training but that did not prevent her from accomplishing her desire.

More than hundred of her photographs have been exhibited and accepted in around twenty-eight countries across the world, she said.

Talukdar, who is an avid traveler, has also won numerous awards for her talent.

On the other hand, Dutta, who is affirm believer of human face being the map of the world, nurtures a creative mind while still working in the mundane surroundings of a liquor factory as a Biochemical Engineer.

Almost sixty-eight of his photographs have been displayed and accepted in twelve countries.

In the interactive session, the discussion mostly hovered around the cameras of early days and the cameras of today.

Dutta, who believes that photograph is a thing that everyone likes, said “proper timing and proper lighting” is very important for the right photo.

Speaking about today’s digital camera, Dutta said: “Because of digital cameras the job of photographers have become easier. If the photo doesn’t come according to the demand they can easily delete that but earlier there was no choice.”

Commenting on digital cameras, Locket said: “I think the digital cameras have both advantages and disadvantages.”

“Earlier the actors used to rehearse a lot for a perfect shot  because there was no option. But today actors have options and they rehearse less; this is a disadvantage,” said Locket.

“But now because of digital cameras we can correct ourselves more because we can see what we have shot. So, this provides us more opportunities for perfection,” she said.

Sanat Ghosh, one of the popular photographers in the fashion industry, believes coordination between an actor and a photographer is important as it helps to bring out the best product.

Commenting on this, he said: “I and Locket can work easily as we know each other for long. But an amateur photographer may not know how to bring the best out of the actor.”

“Both the photographer and the actor have to try to know each other’s languages. The actor should try to understand what the photographer wants,” he added.

Locket said: “When the photographer is new our (actor’s) responsibility becomes more to understand and coordinate with the photographer.”

(Reporting by Tania Roy)

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