Bengali actor Bobby Chakrabarty on his latest movie Muskaan

Actor Bobby Chakrabarty-Muskaan Movie Premiere
Actor Bobby Chakrabarty-Muskaan Movie Premiere

August 3 (CalcuttaTube): Bengali actor Bobby Chakrabarty talks about his latest movie Muskaan, directed by Anil Annaiah. International Development Enterprise (India) (IDEI), non-profit organization has produced this film to promote the usage pollution free, economic means of irrigation like Surface Treadle Pump, Bamboo Pedal Pump for marginal farmers.

Bobby says that he chose the film because he got the opportunity to work in the Hindi language after a long time. “I liked the script and the people who approached me and are associated with the project. It really matters how I am approached as an actor to sign a film. You can tell if it is going to work.  My role in the film is a very interesting and colorful one.”

Bobby who is working in the Bengali language for the last nine years says that it was a great experience working with a national team and a director like Anil Annaiah.

“In television we see a lot of online editing. But when I worked in the film Muskaan, we had a lot of online editing too. The whole unit was fantastic. I was also excited to work with a personality like Rita Bhaduri and my long time friend Bhaswar Chatterjee,” says Bobby.

Speaking about Rita Bhaduri, Bobby sounds excited, “She is a veteran actress, working for the last 37 years or so and and still she is so much humble and down to earth. It was a great experience to work with her. We developed a bonding, even though I did not share much screen appearance with her in the film. She is a sweetheart. We spent a lot of time together on the sets. She treated us all like her kids. It was a warm, candid experience.”

Bobby who plays a negative role in Muskaan explains, “The film conveys a social message. The young generation in the villages these days has a tendency to move out of the place. They are more interested in heading towards the city for a better life. The film aims to teach how it is possible even for the farmers to make money from agriculture and live better lives.”

The film is not a so-called commercial one, and Bobby does not have any such expectations from the film either. “I think anyone who will see the film will appreciate it. He film will be promoting agrarian policies. It tells us about our roots. It is very relevant in today’s scenario when a lot of young men from the farming background find it below their dignity to continue with their forefathers’ occupation,” says the talented actor.

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