Sumeet Sachdev: Being Gomzy was hardest phase of my life


Sumeet Sachdev, the well- known television personality who found fame as Gomzy (Gautam) from ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ has come a long way as an actor.
He has tried his hands on other creative aspects like production and direction and has made his directorial debut in short film ‘Rehman Saheb Ko Phone Karna Hai’. In a conversation he shares the hardest phase of his career and talks on how he paved his way to success with hard work to reach where he is today.

So how is Sumeet in real life?
Well, I would say that I am a very organized person, one who would not loose their cool easily. Though I do get irritated at times but that is my way to vent anger. Mostly I am so level headed that people actually end up calling me ‘boring’! (Laughs)
I would say that I am difficult to understand as I am the exact opposite of what is usually perceived of me by my character in ‘Kyun Ki…’ I love to be very particular in a nutshell it can be said I am ‘well organized’.

What was the hardest phase of your life?
There was nothing dramatic like the ‘hardest phase of life’ but yes! I had certain difficulties which did hit me hard. A struggling actor has some or the other ups and downs in their life and so did I. It was during ‘Kyun Ki…’ when I was a fresher in this field and was under intense pressure as I was about to connect with a big production house. I had lots of responsibilities to fulfill from my end, as I was soon going to be associated with such a big banner. So that period was a bit hard for me especially with my financial status. During that period I use to cook for myself, do all household work as I had no extra money to splurge on those luxuries.

Among all the roles that you have performed till date, which character is your personal favorite?
To be frank I can say that I enjoyed playing the part of Gomzy and the character will always remain dear to me. Even today, that name has given me recall value; people identify me as ‘Gomzy’ (Gautam), not Sumeet. I enjoyed playing that character and took it as a challenge; for me it was all the more special, as I was a fresher to the television world.
I also liked playing other characters, like Kabir and Prem of ‘Khwaish’. I learned a lot during this period of time. But Gomzy is something which is very close to my heart.

Any unforgettable moment of your career?
There are many, but one that shines through was when the whole cast and crew of ‘Kyun Ki…’ along with me was filming a scene at Juhu Beach, Mumbai. And as usual the crowd gathered to have a look at the shoot. The scene was being filmed on me along with the protagonist Smriti Irani aka Tulsi. The crowd was screaming and screeching to see me…it was a humbling and overwhelming experience at the same time, I felt as if I was on cloud nine. Beside this, my unforgettable moment of life was when I went to have a look at the ‘Solar Eclipse’ with my college friends, it was great to see a solar eclipse and for that I feel so lucky.

You took a two year long sabbatical, where have you been all this while?
I was busy with my documentary film, as along with acting in the film I was also busy writing and directing it. It was really time consuming and therefore I could not commit to any television ventures. Though right now I can’t tell much about the documentary except that it is titled- ‘Rehman Saheb Ko Phone Karna Hai’ and is a 43 minute short film.

So what are the future plans?
Well, I have some projects going on; meanwhile I am essaying a role in ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’ on Sony TV and would always be open for more good offers to come forward!

-Tejashree Bhopatkar / Sampurn Media

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