Bedroom (2012)-Bengali Film by Mainak Bhaumik: A Courageous Approach (Film Review)

Jan 15, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Mainak Bhaumik’s latest Bengali movie ‘Bedroom’ with Rudranil Ghosh, Rahul, Abir Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Parno Mitra and others in the cast is a courageous approach. Read the Bengali film review by critic Pachu Ray at Calcutta Tube.

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At Last Everything In Vain, Only Steady Bedrooms Remain

Presented by: R. Sarkar

Produced by: Dag Creative Media

Written and directed by: Mainak Bhaumik

D.O.P.: Supriyo Dutta

Music: Rupam Islam and Allan Ao

Editing: Shamik Chatterjee

Cast: Rudranil Ghosh, Rahul, Abir Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Bikram, Parno Mitra, Tanushree, Ushashie, Biswanath Ghosh, Dr. Kaushik Ghosh and others

Mainak Bhaumik is courageous in his approach. But this courage in the long run seems apparent. Finally we discover Mainak as conservative as his so many famous predecessors. His thought process, thus, ultimately reflects security monger traditional mannerism . His courage and lucrative dialogs appeares as fashionable coating only to churn the audience in the beginning and at the end those are left behind just like make- shift way- side inn where some relics of a Phrase Monger Film Director remains. A part of those churned audiences thus ultimately get frustrated and the rest can leave the auditorium in peace to be damped in their respective ancestral bedrooms.

Bedroom-Bengali MovieBedroom could have been a mere slapstick film directed by Mainak Bhaumik and assisted nicely by Supriyo Dutta as Director Of Photography, Shamik Chatterjee brilliantly as editor, Rupam Islam and Allan Ao as non imaginative (and Rupam as self propagandist) Music Director, fantastic acting by Abir Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Tanushree Chakraborty (most notable is performance of Abir among all), Parno Mitra with a perfect depiction of a typical paranoid girl and by disappointing performance of Rudranil Ghosh and Anubrata. I don`t blame Rahul as he was embroiled with dialogs- stale, stupid and much used. But for Mainak`s directorial excellence Bedroom is not mere slapstick one.

Bedroom is based on certain relationships. Relationships between a married (and obviously stable) couple where the paranoid male is workaholic and thus eventually sex phobic. Here Abir has shown his capability in a role of a loyal husband(loyalty without sex) and of a loyal office servant as well. Lack of corporate pragmatism snatches his job. Jobless Abir is also interesting. Because he conceals his unemployment from Paoli. But incidentally Paoli gets the real story. But the most interesting is the reunion of Abir and Paoli. Paoli plays the role of an accomplished lady who forbids her outer world for the sake of her lover Abir. Before Abir, just for a couple of weeks she have had a relationship with a boy named Bikram, who left her for USA. That Bikram comes back and starts renewing his philander with Paoli. Due to Abir`s nonsense attitude, Paoli starts some game with that boy, who at the moment is a bank investor at States. To conclude Mainak makes Paoli de touched from Bikram, unveiled the fake job story of Abir and eventually brings them close together. Abir kneels before Paoli who asks him of his utter surprise to strip. Then after Abir wares a bridegrooms` with the ritual cap (TOPAR).Interestingly Abir is ordered by Paoli to strip again. We then can easily understand the dire utility of a bedroom. Abir gets back his pragmatism and at the same time the job as well by using call girl Tanisha to satisfy his boss (Tanushree playing the role excellent. The role who has to share bed with flesh starved pervert males of
numerous discipline). Thus Mainak fulfills the equation of so called normalcy.

Tanisha is call girl for her bread and bedroom. But she wants to be an actor. She is a band-singer where she sings Tagore`s “Maya bonobiharini harini…` full throttled and with undaunted passion. She sleeps in a routine manner but somehow or other once in a blue moon she gets entangled emotionally with the role played by Rahul, who again is starved mostly due to his paranoid workaholic (and as a result sex phobic) girl friend with whom he is living together for last four years. This role doing a fashion photographer`s job, has been brilliantly played by Parno especially when she is emotionally churned for the time being by one of her parties, played as a toy boy by Anubrata Basu. As per the Mainak`s formula achieved from his great great great great grand father, Rahul after strongly promising Tanushree to marry her, leaves her destitute which eventually drags Tanisha to commit suicide. Parno on the other hand tired of headless rampant fucking with Anubrata, gets rid of him and undergoes ritual marriage covering herself with tons of ornaments. Behind this hanging episode of Tanisha (Tanushree) there is another sex pervert commercially successful cinema actor (the role played by Rudraneil Ghosh) who once using the flesh of Tanisha in his bedroom, refrained Rahul from marrying her and Rahul like a good obedient abides by Rudranil at once and dressed himself gorgeously as bridegroom to marry his girl friend Parno after living together for four years.

Then comes relationship between Ushashi and Rudranil, whom Ushashi as a journalist was very much reluctant to interview. But during this interview there starts their relationship in a different way culminating in the bed and the bedroom as well. Since both are commitment phobic and desire a floating life anchoring nowhere(as is evident by rampant fucking busyness of Rudranil with number of known and unknown girls of any kind and confession of Ushashi of sharing bed with others as per her willingness only). So in this third pair Mainak refrains himself from any bridal uniform.

From the very beginning we are criticizing Mainak as a fake courageous. But it may so happen that Mainak has made a satire with people like us who pretend to be courageous, but in the long run kneel before the system and surrender unconditionally as is done by Parno decorating herself with huge gold ornaments. And with Tanushree, Mainak might have hinted the hidden desire of so called feminists to be ornamented at last with ritual bridal form. But whatever might be, Tanisha to me is thought provoking. Finally we will expect another bright presentation from Mainak Bhaumik.

– Pachu Ray

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