Beauty Routine – Gauhar Khan (Model)


Minimal make-up
My make up mantra will be little more on foundation, as that makes my skin feel very nice. Usually I hate wearing make up unless the need occurs. Obviously, I have to wear make up on the job because that is my job. While partying or chilling out with friends a little mascara and lip gloss with compact powder is enough for me. Otherwise, when at home or during gym-sessions I am without any makeup.

The worst make-up sin
It is definitely wrong kind of eye liner which doesn’t suits your eyes. It is very irritating sometimes, so I am very particular about my eyeliner. One should be very careful while looking for an eye liner.

The trick I learnt on the job
I have learnt very well how to contour my face. I just take a darkish brush to apply on my cheek and cut my jaw line

I always
Use Rose water regularly. I splash my face every day with it and it makes my day. I would recommend this to everyone. –(SAMPURN)

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