Beauty care: Shweta Khwatra


Q] How would you define beauty?
A. I believe beauty in the sense of both physical and inner beauty. Of course physical beauty is important, but the thing is it doesn’t last for ever, whereas if the person is beautiful in nature, then it lasts for a life time. 

Q] Do you like summer?
A. Yes, I like summer.

Q] How do you take care of your complexion in summer?
A. I drink lots of water and use face wash and face pack to make my face clean everyday.

Q] What kind of liquids do you prefer to keep away from dehydration?
A. To keep away from dehydration, I use only water because the kind of climate Mumbai has, even a cup of coffee makes your body dehydrated. 

Q] What measures do you take to prevent your skin from sun burn?
A. Normally I use sunscreen lotion and any moisturizer with sunscreen.

Q] Do you avoid any kind of food habits in summer?
A. No, not really, though I avoid having oily stuff in summer.

Q] Is there any change in your fitness regime too?
    No, because we are in Mumbai from a long time, so it does not matter.

Q] Which place do you prefer to chill out in Mumbai?
A. There’s no better place than your home to stay away from the heat.

Q] Which place do you prefer to chill out outside Mumbai?
A. I like to go to Delhi or I go for a break to my sister’s house in Canada.

Sabir Rahman -(SAMPURN)

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