Anjan Dutta Film NINE MILES is ready

(Calcutta Tube) ‘I will be doing six films under the banner of the film production house. One of my films ‘Nine Miles’ is already complete. I am also planning to do a modern adaptation of ‘Ghare Baire’ of Rabindranath Tagore,’ said Anjan Dutta, addressing a media meet.

‘Nine Miles’ is a thriller on the subject of world terrorism and mercy killing. The film revolves around three characters and an isolated bungalow in Jorpokhri near Darjeeling.

Anjan Dutta, best known for his youth oriented films, is also considered a leading director in the Indian serious cinema movement.

‘I will be doing three films with this production house. One of the films is set in the politically turbulent situation of the 1970s,’ said Anjan Das.

Das, however, refused to name his films.

Upcoming film maker Subhrajit Mitra is making a children’s film based on the popular fictional detective character Kakababu penned by Sunil Gangopadhyay.

‘I have got an opportunity for making a film based on a Kakababu story. My target audience is children,’ said Mitra.

Leading film makers like Basu Chatterjee, Anjan Das, Anjan Dutta and other upcoming directors have tied up with film production house, Mahuaa Films, to produce an array of interesting and diverse films.

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