Bariwali (1999) – A Rituporno Ghosh Classic – Watch the Bengali Movie Online

Bariwali (1999) – A Rituporno Ghosh Classic – Watch the Bengali Movie Online
Direction: Rituporno Ghosh
Story: Rituporno Ghosh
Music Direction: Debjyoti Mishra
Lyric: ?
Playback Singers: ?
Cast: Chiranjeet, Kiran Kher, Sudipta Chakrabarty, Rupa Ganguly, Abhishek Chatterjee, Shivprasad Mukherjee, Kaushik Basu, Sudeshna Roy, and more…..
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2 thoughts on “Bariwali (1999) – A Rituporno Ghosh Classic – Watch the Bengali Movie Online

  1. Movie Review: Bariwali (1999)

    I’m a great fan of Rituparno Ghosh’s direction. He totally amazes me. So realistic. “Bariwali” was also one of his impressive works. Screen writing and the dialogues are so realistic and believable. I sat through the movie forgetting that it’s just a story. One would get completely absorbed by the day by day development of the story and would fell like a part of it. The credit goes to the writer/director.

    Chiranjeet was good. I was already impressed by his performance in Ashleelatar Daye. Kiran Kher and Rupa Ganguly ruined the movie for me. It sounded ridiculous everytime Kiran Kher speaks, it’s like she was reading from a written text or something. Why so artificial and slow, was that intended? I wonder how she won best actress award! And everytime Sudeshna Mitra (Rupa Ganguly) starts singing, it was like “God help me!” Even when other people are talking or she is herself being spoken to, she continues singing. So irritating! She is not a singer for Christ’s sake! She is a damn actress! Other songs used in this movie sounded also unpleasant, though it’s understandable, because the theme of the movie needed “not-sophisticated” country-music from old days.

  2. Well Chiranjeet is busy with film direction these days. And he is definitely a great actor. Just one question, did anybody notice that Kiran Kher actually used dubbed voice?

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