Bar girls from Mumbai are making the Goa police ‘dance’

Displaced bar girls from Mumbai are making the Goa police ‘dance’, an annual crime review booklet issued by the state police said.

“Goa being a tourist destination and due to the closure of dance bars in the neighboring state of Maharashtra, there is an influx of such elements in the state of Goa,” the 48-page booklet, which was released by Director General of Police (DGP) Bhimsain Bhassi Friday, said in the human trafficking section.

“In the year 2008, the crime branch has arrested 10 accused and rescued 12 victim girls from their custody. In the year 2009, crime branch has arrested five accused and six victim girls were rescued,” it further adds.

Summing the crime scenario in Goa, the booklet attributes the increase in the crime rate by 9.59 percent in 2009 to the free crime registration policy adopted by the state police.

“Owing to the concerted efforts made for free registration of crime during 2009, 3,005 cases were registered under various crime heads as against 2,742 cases reported during the previous year,” Bassi has said in the booklet’s foreword.

“A healthy increase in the registration of offences, particularly property crime, exhibits that policemen in Goa have started overcoming their inhibitions and are beginning to get out of the clutches of a deep rooted malaise of burking that afflicts police psyche,” Bassi said.

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