Banker-turned-author Amish Tripathi launches new book in Kolkata

Amish Tripathi book launch-KolkataKolkata, Sept 6 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Banker-turned-author Amish Tripathi on Monday launched the sequel to his national bestseller, “The Immortals of Melluha”, at Starmark, South City Mall in Kolkata.

The 2nd book in the Shiva trilogy is called “The Secret of The Nagas” furthers the tale of a fictional man called Shiva who through his deeds becomes a legend and is eventually heralded as the god “Mahadev”.

The book entwines mythology with history and philosophy but delivers all that hidden beneath a veil of believable characters including Shiva who embarks on a riveting adventure.

The 36-year-old Indian Institute of Management (Kolkata) passout commented on his book by saying, “I have tried my best to combine everything I have learned. I didn’t write the book myself and rather I just surrendered to the flow and let the characters develop on their own.”

Tollywood actor Arindam Shil praised Amish by calling him “The Jeffrey Acrher of India”.

“The best part I think was that, here I could see characters whom we have personified but they are so flesh and blood,” he said.

Amish, who had been working as an insurance banker, has now quit his old job to become a full time writer.

“I didn’t hate my job but it was pretty boring. My new life is exciting and I am getting more time for myself and for my family,” he remarked.

Amish stressed upon the fact that the story that helped him “rediscover faith” is at its core a deliberation on the perception of good and evil.

“The core idea which I wanted to tell is relating to the perception of good and evil. While somethings appear good from one point of view, that can reverse from the opposite standpoint and both of the views are correct from their respective places,” he said.

Amish urged the youth of the country to follow their hearts “instead of doing what people tell them to do.”

He said, “This is the best time to be born in this country. Young people should follow their heart and do what they love to do and in that way they will also help the nation by taking it forward.”

Amish praised the efforts of anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare by saying, “While I am not going to say anything about the nuances of the Jan Lokpal Bill, I do feel that how Anna Hazare shook the government though non-violent hunger strikes is great. This shows that how through non-violence one can fight the mightiest empires.”

(Reporting by Arnab Chakraborty)

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