Bangla band Protisruti singer calls them ‘Pink Floyd of Kolkata’

Kolkata, Aug 23 (IBNS): The already crowded Bangla Band music market has one more challenger with the launch of  “Jhor” (Storm) , the debut album from ‘Protisruti’ on Sunday.

The album  ‘Jhor’ has nine songs, all of which are written and composed by Rit, the lead vocalist of the band, which is on the scene for quite some time but could bring out its first album only now. The other members of the band are Sandy, Kuntal, Sudip and Joy.

The album has been brought out by ‘Rooh Music’, an upcoming music company.

It took more than eight years since the formation of the band in 2002 to bring out its first album.

The album follows a mixology of ballads, alternatives and acid rocks.

When asked about the selection of the songs, Rit said there was no question of sorting as these nine songs were the only songs he had composed.

“I have written only nine songs in my life and they are here,” he said.

The band launched its album at the City Centre I with lots of positive energy and showed promise as they oozed passion.

Rit said he has given up his MBA studies to be a full-time devotee to music.
Joy, the lead guitarist and the youngest member of the band, is a student of class XII in Hindmotor Rabindrasriti High School and is dividing his time between music and study.
When asked if he feels it difficult to co-ordinate between study and music, Joy smiled, “No, not at all.”After the introduction with the media and audience it was time for some live performances from the band.

The most popular song ‘Sapner rajkanya….’ was dedicated to the press. Soon the main performance started with the song “Amake jibon dao….” and the whole atmosphere of City Centre was switched on to a vibration mode.

The rap in the song “Life is all about frustration without fraudulent intention……” was inducted by Soumyadip Sinha, nicknamed Charlie.

Amidst applauds of the audience more numbers from their album followed.

Gabu (Gaurav Chatterjee) of Lakkhichara band and Indrajit, the music director of Protisruti, joined the stage for the title song of the album making the applauses grow louder.

Speaking to IBNS later, Rit boasted: “We are the Pink Floyd of Kolkata.”

Saptarshi Chakraborty, one of the friends of band member Sandy and Rit, revealed that the band had started by some school members at Aurobindo Institute and carried on despite many barriers.

“Rit is from a family devoteed to classical music and the idea of rock band music was not welcomed,” he said.

“There was a monetary crisis which delayed the launch of the album and it took them about four years to overcome all the barriers before the launch.”

Shivaji Sankar Sanyal of Ad-venture, which launched the band, when asked to comment on Rit’s claim of being the ‘Pink Floyd of Kolkata’, said: “They are totally different from Pink Floyd and no comparisons can be made. But they are definitely the next big thing in the music world.” The after party of the album launch was held at Tollygunge Club where the band members performed once again.

‘Pink Floyd of Kolkata.’ or not, Bengali band ‘Protisruti’ is set to storm music lovers with its  debut album ‘Jhor’.

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(Reporting by J P Mandal, photos by Tathagata Das) 

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