Balle balle Hard Kaur getting jiggy with Akshay

Anything for Akshay Kumar; that seems to be Hard Kaur’s mantra these days. The Punjabi singer was recently asked to cut short her US tour and head to London immediately. Why? Because they had just got a day’s permission to shoot at London’s busy Picadilly Square and Akshay also had only one day to do it.

"Yes, we had to take a flight back home from Los Angeles, where I was performing. I am heading to London to shoot a special promotional song with Akshay Kumar for the film Hello India. It is a bit hectic for me, but I don’t mind," says Hard Kaur on the shoot, which is shot from 23 August to 30 August.

She says that she cut her tour short, but admits it’s for a ‘bigger cause’. "It doesn’t matter whether I am cutting short my tour. We will be dancing on the streets of Picadilly Square and other than fitting into Akshay’s busy schedule; we also had to keep in mind that you cannot get permission to do a bhangra on the streets in London. It requires a lot of permissions and they got just one day."

Hip hop with Eminem, pop with Pussy Cat Dolls and now Bhangra with Akshay, must say Hard Kaur is providing the right mix of entertainment to the audience.

-Sampurn Media

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