Bajaate Raho: Kashmera Shah unmasks the faces of Reality TV


Kashmera has come across many unreal people in her reality show career. She shares her valuable opinion about few of them with us.

Akaasshdeep Sehgal

Anaida and Mona are not behaving like women. Had I been a contestant and he would have dared to treat me like this, I would have stood-up for women. I would have picked a fire log and hit him; no matter even if I would have been eliminated for that. Akaassh ki himmat hogi bahar aake yeh sab bolne ki. As he did not tell me anything I didn’t react, secondly I was on a secret mission, so I had to be protective about that mission too.

Jay Bhanushali

I thought he is a sweet boy, but he is a loser. I don’t respect him anymore. If you are ready to get used, you will be used. Akaassh is less to be blamed than him. He is called by several names gay-shawn, JLo, Assistant and Servant. If he is the anchor of DID, I am not going to watch the show. I wish he had been eliminated earlier; at least he would not have been humiliated so much.

Mona Vasu

Mona tried getting away with controversies, but wanted to know what is happening in other gangs. Her game was to please everyone, but that is tough, because at the end you have to tell them you want to win. That one crore means so much to them that if other things would have been allowed, these women would have done that also. They would say yes to anything, and so I don’t respect them either anymore. Mona is named khaaj-khujli by other contestants, as she does not or very rarely takes shower.


She is very irritating. She will take one point and will kill you till you don’t agree with her, even if she is wrong. She was once fighting with me for something that I had not done. She was on and on fighting with me, I told her- look I don’t want to make somebody else famous because you are fighting with me. Rakhi already became, and now you will become.

Anupama Verma

People like Anupama Verma would every time act innocent on the day of nomination, and pretend she didn’t know that this is a game. I don’t understand how you could not know. When the production person comes to you to do the show they make sure that you know the rules. Even then, I asked her first Sunday you can say you didn’t know…can I nominate my own self…blah blah and on second week you are aware now why to do the same drama again, but still that same raag continued until sixth week.

Ravi Kishen

When I was in Big Boss, I thought Rakhi and Ravi Kishen were my friends, but they were actually backstabbing me by constantly voting against me. Ravi cannot face me even today, he says that I know you are still angry with me, but I told him clearly that I am angry with only important people, therefore I am not angry with you. I have also recommended him to get work when he was a nobody. What is the bigger loss- losing a real friend, or losing a big boss? He waited till the last day in the house only to lose.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn Media

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