BAE Systems’ mission computer for Indian Navy patrol aircraft

New Delhi, March 2 (Calcutta Tube) BAE Systems is developing the mission computer system suite for the Boeing P-8I maritime reconnaissance aircraft the Indian Navy has purchased, the company said Tuesday.

‘Maritime surveillance and patrol is becoming more and more important to effective defence,’ said Donna Linke-Klein, director of mission computers and antenna solutions for BAE Systems, adding: ‘The P-8I mission computer system provides superior interoperability for the future battle space.’

The BAE Systems’ mission computer suite ‘is a flexible and ruggedized processing platform that can be configured to meet the general purpose, input and output, video, voice, and graphics processing needs for modern military battle management requirements’, a company statement said.

A variant of the US Navy’s P-8A Poseidon, the P-8I is a multi-mission maritime patrol aircraft with a broader range of capabilities to operate over land or water while performing anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, and long-range intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance.

The Indian Navy has purchased eight P-8I aircraft to fill its maritime patrol needs, replacing the Tupolev Tu-142M aircraft.

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